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List of Shipping Companies in Kenya (2019 Update)

Pick one of the best shipping companies from our list


Here is a list of the top shipping companies in Kenya for 2019. Moving cargo from one place to another or from one continent to the other is called shipping.

Shipping can be quite stressful while doing it single-handedly. It is important to have an experienced hand or company intervening for you. As such, there are several shipping companies in Kenya that have played an instrumental role in helping Kenyans to ship various products.

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Over the years, Shipping has grown to be a very respectable and crucial business due to industrialization and growth of world economies. Shipping entails the transportation of cargo via various means of transport to ensure it reaches the customer in perfect conditions. The means of transport used mostly while shipping cargo includes; water, air, rail and road transport.

The shipping industry in Kenya

Originally shipping was derived from the word ship which was the movement of cargo from one continent to the other via sea. However, the term shipping nowadays refers to the movement of cargo via the mentioned means of transport.

shipping companies in kenya

The shipping companies in Kenya mentioned here specialize in various modes of shipping. Ground shipping is the most popular and most affordable form of shipping used by Kenyans.

However, shipping through the sea is increasingly getting popular in Kenya as trade ties with the rest of the world continue to open up. Generally, shipping is expensive for ordinary Kenyans due to poor infrastructure that makes the local companies charge relatively higher than in developed countries.

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Sea shipping is the most popular form of shipping especially due to its ability to haul more cargo than any other form of transport. Still, it is more affordable compared to other options such as air shipping. In Kenya, companies partner with merchant ships or a company with a fleet of ships to facilitate their shipping business.

It is no surprise that sea shipping makes up for 90% of the international trade. Statistics show that there are over 102,000 ships globally that ply various routes delivering cargo.

Top Shipping Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the best and most reliable shipping companies in Kenya that you can use to import or export cargo:

1. Century Cargo Shipping Company

The Century Cargo shipping company is based in Mombasa where it offers both exporters and importers various services required in shipping. Despite being one of the oldest shipping companies in Kenya, century Cargo is still among the best shipping companies in Kenya. They also specialize in warehousing and transportations of goods.

2. States Duka

States Duka is one of the best shipping companies in Kenya. This company also serves other countries including; Uganda, Tanzania, USA, and South Sudan.

With a presence in various countries, it is a clear indicator that States Duka is a big company with experience in its field. Presently, States Duka in Kenya is located in Ngara Nairobi along Kolobot Road.

It partners with various companies including, Amazon, eBay, and OLX to export cargo to and from the USA to Eastern Africa. They charge an average of $15 per Kilogram of cargo because they specialize in Air shipping.

3. Octa Transporters

Octa Transporters is more of a service delivery company that delivers goods customers and companies in Nairobi and its environs. The company used the JIT (just in time) strategy to ensure that the cargo is delivered to the customers in the right time as prescribed. For their service, Octa has become of the most efficient and among the most reliable companies in the country.

4. Crono Company Limited

Crono Company limited is another shipping company in Kenya that is located in Malindi. It is one of the oldest companies having started operations in 1996. It clears and forwards almost all types of cargo from the Mombasa port.

5. Filiken Transit Forwarders Ltd

Filiken is among the most reliable shipping companies in Kenya that offer various services in logistics, motoring, and transportation of cargo. It is located in Mombasa where it is able to coordinate the cargo from the port.

6. Mahdi Logistics

Mahdi is another shipping company in Kenya the has diversified its services to include wholesale and retail services. They also distribute commodities such as stationary, IT services, LED solar lighting and other electrical fittings. See website.

7. Crystal spark Company

CSC has been in the Kenyan market for just five years now and has already created a reputable portfolio. They are a transportation and logistics company that offers versatile services in courier.

Other Shipping Agents in Kenya include;

  • Sivicom Liners Limited
  • Famio Services limited
  • Sheffield Cargo Logistics limited
  • Storm Shipping Agency Limited
  • Seaforth Shipping Kenya Ltd
  • Rais Shipping Services Kenya Limited
  • Emirates Shipping East Africa Limited
  • Inchcape Shipping Services K Limited
  • Sea Bulk Chartering And Trading Limited
  • Wilhelmsen Ships Service Limited
  • Bollore Africa Logistics Kenya Limited
  • Cma Cgm Kenya Limited
  • Access Shipping Agency Limited
  • Access Shipping And Logistics Limited
  • Merlion Shipping Limited
  • Shipmarc Agency And Logistics Limited
  • Sima Marine Limited
  • Great Circle Line Kenya Limited
  • Harbour Agency Limited
  • International Shipping Agency Limited
  • Smat Shipping Services Limited
  • Green Island Shipping Services Limited
  • Maersk Kenya Limited
  • Oceanfreight Ea Ltd
  • Sturrock Shipping (Kenya) Limited
  • Seatrade Agencies Limited
  • Kenya National Shipping Line Ltd
  • Socopao Kenya Limited
  • East African Commercial And Shipping Company Ltd
  • Seven Seas Shipping Agencies K Limited
  • Southern Engineering Company Limited
  • I Messina K Limited
  • Express Shipping And Logistics Ea Ltd
  • Fay Logistics Limited
  • Emirates Shipping Agencies Kenya Ltd
  • Bio Fuels Limited
  • Sharaf Shipping Agency (K) Ltd
  • Diamond Shipping Services Ltd
  • Pil (Kenya) Limited
  • Zam Zam Shipping Limited
  • Sosco Fishing Industries Limited
  • Gulf Badr Group Kenya Limited

Important to note

All shipping operations in Kenya are actively coordinated and protected by the Kenya Ships Agents Association. The agency fulfils its mandate through close partnership with the Kenya Ports Authority, KRA, the Kenya Maritime Authority, Kenya Shipper’s council, Kenya International Freights, and the Warehousing Association.

The international body that overlooks all shipping operations globally is called FONASA. Its main mandate is to enhance safety within the sea trade routes and impose regulations.

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