Slap Your Co-Worker Day: The most fulfilling Holiday

Have you heard of Slap Your Co-Worker Day? There are probably hundreds of holidays that we do not celebrate here in Kenya but this one particularly caught my attention. If asked it wouldn’t hurt to adopt it especially in our work environment.

The slap your Co-Worker Day! As a people, we have a lot of pressure from the government to pay our national debts and sustain our families at the same time.

That is enough pressure to entertain your Co-worker to stress you more. So here is how it goes. On October 23rd, it’s the official Slap Your Irritating Co-workers Holiday:

Do you have a co-worker who talks nonstop about nothing, working your last nerve with tedious and boring details that you don’t care about?  That co-worker who ALWAYS screws up stuff creating MORE work for you?

Do you have a co-worker who is SOOO obnoxious, when he/she enters a room, everyone else clears it?  Well, on behalf of all of you, I am so very very glad to officially announce SLAP YOUR IRRITATING CO-WORKER DAY!  Here are the rules you must follow:

We are weeks away from the D-day. So start doing some pushups, some boxing or a little bit of work out. On this day we are going to teach someone a lesson. However, as your referee, guys I ask that you follow these rules. I know that Co-worker must be really irritating but here is what you cannot do.

Rules of the game on Slap Your Co-Worker Day

  • You cannot slap the same person every hour. One niiiice slap is enough – no more.
  • You can slap the same person again if they irritate you again on the same day.
  • You are allowed to hold someone down as other co-workers take their turns slapping the irritant.
  • No weapons are allowed
  • If questioned by a supervisor [or police, if the supervisor is the irritant], you are allowed to LIE, LIE, LIE!

Now, study the rules, break out your list of folks that you want to slap the living daylights out of and get to slapping on October 23rd.

NB: Slap responsibly!!

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