Songa Music App: Safaricom’s latest Musical creation

Songa Music Application is Safaricom’s latest creation. Safaricom has been on the frontline of exploiting opportunities in the Kenyan market. Just recently, they launched Masoko. Months later, Songa music app is out. This makes Safaricom to stand out and defend their title as the best telecommunication company in Kenya.

Kenyan Music Industry

It is no doubt that Kenya’s Music industry is huge and has been steadily growing over the years. Thought other countries like Tanzania and Nigeria are steps ahead, our music industry is booming as well. From 2015, we have seen many hit songs from Kenya going international. It is this narrative that Safaricom wants to boost through Songa Music App.

Safaricom has been part and puzzle in developing the music industry. They have engineered creative ways of generating income as well as making sure that the musicians are benefiting for their music. One of their oldest platforms we can associate with is the Skiza Tunes. During the launch of Skiza, Bob Collymore had expressed his opinion on why musicians should be paid owing to the hard work their put into creating their albums.

Songa Music Application

As if Skiza was not enough, Safaricom has now decided to launch the all-new Songa Music App. This Music streaming service will enable Safaricom subscribers to stream Kenyan music at low charges. Safaricom’s dream with Songa is to see to it that artists generate money from their music that is streamed through Songa and at the same time generate revenue for the telecommunication giant.

All you need to know about Songa

Before you Scoff me about the charges, let me share with you important details of what you should know about Songa.

Songa is limited to Safaricom users only like with many Safaricom products.

Through Songa, you can stream both international and local music. What a consideration.

Unfortunately, iPhone users are at the disadvantage since the app is only available on Android at the moment.

You can access Songa by dialing *812#.

Songa music App cannot operate without internet connectivity.

Songa offers two subscriptions. One; buy songs and save them offline. Two; choose to stream music online. Disclaimer “better have sufficient Bundles”.

It is important to note that all the subscriptions and charges will be billed from airtime. cash payments will not be required.

For the charges, users can choose to pay Daily, Weekly or monthly for their subscriptions for Ksh.25, Ksh.150, and Ksh.500 respectively.


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