StarTimes Monthly Subscription Packages Nigeria

Do you want to subscribe to Startimes monthly subscription and are curious about how much it will cost you? Here is the price breakdown, starting with the initial admission fee and ending with the ongoing monthly fee.

StarTimes is a low-cost digital pay TV service with many channels that is available in a few places in Nigeria. The TV company StarTimes is run by StarTimes Media. They are a division of Startimes Media that operates as Startimes Nigeria in Nigeria. Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea, the Central African Republic, and Burundi are the eight African nations that StarTimes has a customer base.

StarTimes was founded in China in 1988. They started operating in Nigeria in 2010 and provide PayTV at a reasonable price. Here is all about the StarTimes monthly subscription costs and channel lists for each Startimes subscription bundle in this guide.

StarTimes Channels

  • ST  World Football HD.
  • ST Novela Plus.
  • ST Kids.
  • TNT Africa
  • Nickelodeon.Toonami.
  • TDC.

Startimes Decoders

When you purchase a StarTimes decoder package, you also receive a free 30-day Nova Startimes package, a 10 m long outside antenna that is simple to hang, and one StarTimes remote control.

It is preferable to get an external antenna, which is supplied separately, because there are occasions when you may not obtain a strong signal to view stations in your location. You have a choice between a Startimes-branded satellite receiver and an outside antenna.

The Fee For Access

You need to be in a coverage region in order to view StarTimes. Currently, Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Aba, Benin, Enugu, Ilorin, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Markurdi, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Uyo, Yola, and Ibadan all have access to the StarTimes signal.

A StarTimes set-top box (DVB-T2 decoder) and an antenna are then required. Additionally, you must purchase a StarTimes subscription plan.

You can get a StarTimes decoder with a remote, an indoor stud antenna, and a one-month complimentary StarTimes subscription to a bouquet from the Pay TV service for an initial payment of 8,900 Naira.

You will need an external antenna (available separately) for improved reception and a more pleasurable Startimes Subscription if the signal in your area is weak.

Currently, the outdoor antenna costs 1,900 Naira. Therefore, in Nigeria, the initial subscription fee for Pay TV service is either Naira 8,900 or Naira 10,800 Naira.

StarTimes Subscription Prices 2022

There are presently four StarTimes subscription packages if you’re using a dish, and three StarTimes subscription packages if you’re using an indoor or outdoor antenna. These are their antenna-based subscription costs per month:

  • 900 for the StarTimes Nova Package
  • 1,850 for the StarTimes Basic Package
  • 2,750 for the StarTimes Classic Package

For a subscription-based on a satellite dish, these are the Startimes monthly prices:

  • 900 for the StarTimes Nova Package.
  • 2,500 for the StarTimes Smart Package.
  • 4,900 for the StarTimes Super Package.
  • 7,800 Chinese StarTimes Package. 

People Also Ask

How Much Is StarTimes Monthly?

Paying Ksh 599 per month is all that is necessary to gain access to all of these stations. Additionally, you can choose to pay a weekly charge of Ksh 220 or a daily rate of Ksh 60. The Classic Bouquet is the most expensive StarTimes package that can be bought in Kenya.

How Much Is The Startime?

Let’s look at the prices of the various Startimes packages:

  • Classic: 2,750.
  • Basic: 1,850.
  • Nova: 900.

How Much Is StarTimes Monthly Subscription In Kenya?

Additionally, StarTimes Kenya features an HD Combo decoder for DTH and DDT channels. The decoder costs Ksh 1,999 and comes with one month’s worth of free DTH Super Bouquet and DTH Unique Bouquet.


Similar to DSTV, Startimes has launched a satellite TV service. Although it calls for a satellite dish, it offers the same bouquets as the standard service. The StarTimes monthly subscription of this dish system 9,900 Naira startup fee and a free trial month.

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