Starting Business in Kenya with No Cash

The fact that you are reading this means that you may be interested in starting up a business but you have limited or no cash to begin. This article will show you how you can come up with some capital to start up a business. Before you take in your mind the following ideas and tricks, please make sure you are set on which business you want to start and how much do you need.

1. Become a broker or agent

A broker or an agent is someone who operates between a seller and a buyer and eventually make a profit. Example, if someone wants to sell a second hand Macbook at Ksh. 25,000. You can look and find an interested buyer willing to buy at Ksh. 35,000. That is a profit of Ksh.10,000.

This can be done on different goods and services but you make sure you offer and do honest and sincere business. In doing this for some time, you will have your own capital to major in one area of products where you will be buying and selling.

2. Become an affiliate marketer

There are thousands of affiliate sites both offline and online. In affiliate marketing, you can easily generate some capital do start a business.

How do you earn on affiliate marketing ? You are simply given a product link, share with your friends, whenever one purchases under you link ,you are paid commission. In other words, you sell products that don’t belong to you but you earn from them. After gathering the intended capital, you can now purchase you own products and start selling.

3. Take a loan

If you are in need of capital you can also opt to take a loan. There are many financial institutions nowadays that can allow you to borrow some money and pay back with some small interest. This include banks, micro finance, Saccos and Chamas, and loan apps.

4.Raise some capital  from Friends/Relatives

How? Go to your contacts in your phone, and share with them about the passion you have to start a business. If you have 300 contacts, probably 50 may respond to your plea and you will have something. You can do the same to your social media friends and even physically to your close friends and relatives.

5. Sell unused stuff

You can revisit your house to check for some unused items like unfitting clothes and shoes, old phones, excess furniture and utensils, old fridges and other electronics. We have sites like OLX and Pigia me which allows selling and buying of old stuffs.

You may not apply all this but at least one or two may suit you.


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