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accident at Work

What should you do in case of an accident at Work

We become so comfortable and used to the mundane routine in our jobs that we don’t ever expect an accident to happen, so if...

Formula 1 Match-Ups

F1 Match Ups by carleasingmadesimple.com
Top 10 Android Apps for Kenyan Students

Top 10 Android Apps for Kenyan Students

Today, we are going to share with you top 10 Android Apps for Kenyan Students should have in 2018. I have never done app...

How to Make Money on Youtube in Kenya

YouTube is the other Social Media that not everyone regards it as a Social Media site, but what is social media anyway? I believe...

10 Signs from your car that you should NEVER IGNORE!!

Cars are intricate machines with thousands of individual parts. Over time and use these parts can wear down, become damaged, and cause car problems....