10+ Kenyan Blogs You Should Read in 2020

I am going to show you the top 10 Kenyan blogs today and which you should be reading. Kenyan Blogs have become a reliable way of getting information regarding our day to day lives.

Top Kenyan Blogs in 2020

Here is a list of best blogs in Kenya worth following.

  1. Urbankenyans.com
  2. Farmers Trend
  3. Michezoafrika
  4. Bizna Kenya
  5. Owaahh.com
  6. Fashion Fabled
  7. Freelancer Kenya
  8. BikoZulu
  9. Liz Lenjo
  10. TechWeez
  11. Nabaleka

I know some people who don’t watch TV or read newspapers but have the latest information at their fingertips. They get this information from Kenyan Blogs.

Blogging in Kenya has come a long way; many people have embraced and acknowledged blogs. We have a blogger Awards too. These days I see several blogs invited to media events by big corporations because they represent time.

There are over several thousand Kenyan blogs at the moment, and by the end of this year, hundreds more will be created. So how do you know the best blogs in Kenya? Well, we went out of our way and assessed the best Kenyan blogs for you.

How we selected the best Kenyan blogs

Having a blog is one thing, but having a quality blog in Kenya that people read is another. Before bloggers used to go to Alexa.com and run down a query of the top blogs in Kenya and made a list. Well, this list is different, we will use Alexa, yes, but that is not the primary way for us to list interesting blogs in Kenya.

Here is how we made our choice of best blogs in Kenya:

  • The quality of the blog– We looked at the design, blog structure and ease of finding information.
  • Social Media Influence – Well, we live in the age of influencers, and a blogger is one influential person in our society today.
  • SimilarWeb presence… It is more credible than Alexa
  • Subject matter and quality of content – Well, you can be doing well but spreading propaganda, lies and not helping Kenya in any way.

Do you want a blog like ours? You, too, can start your blog.

Best Blogs in Kenya in 20202

Having done so, we realised it would be biased to come up with a list that says Top Kenyan Blogs, so we changed the title to read; Best blogs in Kenya and here are the best Kenyan blogs written by best bloggers in Kenya:

  1. Farmers Trend – Agriculture is the backbone of our country, and we had to put this one out first. This blog is well arranged with clear navigational menus; the content is regularly updated and provides accurate information helping our farmers to grow. Farmers Trend is out to encourage more youths to join farming as a business and hopes to reduce unemployment in Kenya.
  2. Michezoafrika – You have to give these guys when it comes to sports blogging. The site is clean, with well researched and updated content. Michezo Afrika brings you the latest in sports daily just like you would have seen on TV. One of the best sports blogs in Kenya.
  3. Bizna Kenya – If you need information regarding SMEs in Kenya, Bizna is where you get this information. The blog has a substantial daily readership, Bizna sits at the top of blog rankings by BAKE. This is that blog that organised SME events in Kenya twice every month and inevitably leading as an example to other blogs.
  4. Owaahh.com – There is always some guy in town if you need something you will still go to. When you are online, you have to go to Owaahh.com for education and entertainment at the same time. Owaahh talks about the past, and about mysteries and things that should not keep you up at night. The blog is well structured. Articles are well researched and yes long but engaging.
  5. Fashion Fabled – Honestly, we faced a challenge when we looked at other Fashion Blogs. I must admit that Fashion bloggers are setting their own pace when it comes to beauty blogs in Kenya. So we had to look at something, not everyone else will look at. We looked at the design, and Fashion Fabled stood out.
  6. Freelancer Kenya – This blog is one of those motivational blogs in Kenya that has stood the test of time. Freelancer Kenya talks about the online space and how you can start an online business or work online. The Freelancer Kenya blog has researched content that is updated regularly if you need to join the online workforce or even start your blog, head over there.
  7. BikoZulu – Bikozulu has become a household name in Kenya. You cannot mention creative writing in Kenya without the name Bikozulu popping up. The blog has a massive following on the blog as well as on Social Media.
  8. Liz Lenjo – This is one blog that helps Kenyans when it comes to Intellectual Properties. Music artists and bloggers as well might learn a thing or two regarding IP Law through Liz Lenjo’s blog.
  9. TechWeez – Kenya is the tech hub of Africa. Techweez has done its part to bring you daily stories in the Tech Industry both in Kenya and abroad. The blog has a good structure and regularly updated with fresh content.
  10. Nabaleka – This is one of the best tech blogs in Kenya it got to be Nabaleka. The blog has well-researched content regarding web design, digital marketing, and how the internet works. If you want to know how to start a blog or run an online business, you have to visit Nabaleka.

Kenyan Blogs Conclusion

There you go, the above are some of the top blogs in Kenya that you need to visit owned by some of the top bloggers in Kenya. Remember that the list is not in order of preference or any ranking.

If you know of other blogs that we did not mention in the article. Which you think they should be on the list. Please don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you and please share widely across your networks.

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