The best free blogging platforms

Free blogging platforms normally offer a chance to start blogging if you do not know where to start from.

Having a free platform is inexpensive but it does not  bring you a professional image that you want to convey to your potential readers and does not allow you to use all the existing features. On the better side, having free platforms as a start up allows you to interact with the world of blogs. Similarly, if you want to live for blogging as a professional, you should opt for planning any release process and subsequent objectives to be achieved, so, I advise  buying a domain and hosting  and be full owner of your blog.

Listed are the best known free platforms where you can create your blog.

1 – WordPress ( own server or server)

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. It is easy to use, very manageable, and with a huge amount of plugins and themes that you can use to customize your blog. The support we have in the world of WordPress community is quite significant, contributing massively to the development of plugins and themes for WordPress.

The domain in  within the community is the type , however, if you own a domain and own housing  can install WordPress and all the features and themes you find on .

2 – Blogger ( server)

Google is the blogger’s owner, was acquired in 2003. Despite this platform is very popular, this being in integration with many Google products, has been losing users to other platforms, such as WordPress. Despite the Blogger without free and have had many improvements over the years, no longer has advanced features that some users seek.

The domain within the community in Blogger is the type .

3 – Drupal (own server)

Drupal is a platform that is more oriented websites communities.Also considered one of the best platforms to create a blog, and allows more advanced settings for other types of websites to the discretion of the programmer. With passionate about Drupal community has a wide range of available plugins.

To install Drupal will need to have a  domain and hosting .

4- Joomla (own server)

The  Joomla  is very powerful, being a very stable platform with respect to large database. It is usually used to create complex  blogs, social networking, classifieds, etc. Joomla has a huge community where you can find enough information, as well as plugins and themes.

To install Joomla you must have a  domain and hosting .

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