10 Free Ways to Promote Your Website

Since you’ve decided to take on the incredibly challenging, yet possibly very rewarding step of making a website, you need some preparation. You already know how websites and blogs look and function since you’ve used many of them until this point. People are well-acquainted with online sites and sources, especially now that technology in classroom is a widespread practice.

Creating a website is just a start, a little bit of effort that many people nowadays choose to make. After this, the real work begins. You need to design the website, constantly update the content and offers, and ideally, increase the conversion rate by promoting it the right way.

Building a site from the ground up is one of the most interesting research topics 2020 in the world of technology. That’s exactly what you’ll learn here today.

1. Place a Great Deal of Importance on SEO

At this point, people telling you about SEO are probably even starting to annoy you. The idea behind search engine optimization has been explored and discussed for years now. Even so, its grand importance doesn’t seem to fade. On the opposite – SEO is more important than ever.

The practices you’ve been told or learned before probably don’t even work anymore. Since algorithms change so fast, so do SEO practices. So, the best advice I can give you is to constantly get updated on the best ways to boost your SEO.

2. Leverage the Great Powers of Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool to get just about any kind of information. You can use it to share word-of-mouth for your business, which is an excellent strategy. People use social media for communication and posting photos. Students use it to get access to essays on human rights subject or find a good content writing service that can help them do their essays. As a website owner, you need to use its great powers to promote your website via posts, infographics, ads, videos, contests, and many other things that will pull people toward your pages.

3. Try Some Guest Blogging

You definitely want to start a blog on a website – that comes with the package. But, what many people fail to do is guest blogging. What sounds like a waste of time is actually the most effective way to build links for the website and make it recognized as great by the search engines.

4. Use Email Marketing

Whenever you hear people talking about driving traffic to a website, you hear of email marketing. This is also one of the old tools, but it also remains one of the most effective ones, over and over again. In fact, according to EmailMonday, the average rate of return for $1 spent on email marketing is $38.

5. Post on Different Forums

Self-promotion is an excellent way to build your website from the ground up. People hang around in forums. They use them to get their questions answered, get insight on what and how to use it, as well as find out about the quality of a company.

6. Submit the Website to Online Directories

The idea is to get your website’s URL in many places, even if you don’t think that people will look there. Use all the free advertising space the online directories offer to get your brand out there. Use Google My Business, the Yellow Pages, or Angie’s List. You never know where leads might come from.

7. Have Your Own Signature

Your website should be recognizable and memorable, but most importantly – unique. So, give it a bit of a personalized touch. Tell your story, place your business logo, and place links to your social accounts.

8. Use Outreach Marketing

This means that you need to connect with people in your industry and category. Those people can be anyone from a fellow blogger to an influencer that will promote your website in an agreed way.

Outreach marketing takes quite some time and effort, but it pays off better than most strategies you’ll ever try for your website.

9. Create Free Stuff

It’s not only your content that should be free to use. People love free stuff. So, make an effort to show them what your website and products are like. This will make your brand and website more trustworthy.

10. Engage with People

Engaging with people goes beyond just posting on forums. If you want your website to be acknowledged by people, you need to respond to their comments, reach out to your existing customers, and simply be a friendly and professional person. Customer service is a must in the website business.

There are plenty of ways to promote a website, far more from what is listed in this article. However, I believe that these ten are the best long-term methods that will generate traffic for your website. So, this is your starting point.

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