The Big Enter Key: Finally you can beat the crap out of your computer

How are you all game lovers? I think I have found something we can all channel our anger and disappointment to. The next time you lose a match or a race, spare the keyboards your anger. Punishing the keyboards with heavy blows will ultimately destroy your laptop or keyboard which means you have to often buy another one.

How about you buy the big ENTER Key button that can take your beating until you cool off.   With the Big Enter Key you will spare the keyboard next time you lose your cool in front of the computer. Big Enter Key is a giant enter key that can take a beating. The button connects easily to your computer with a USB cable.

Computer rage can get to even the best of us. Sometimes, computers rag when you are doing something extremely urgent or freeze at the final moments of your game. This is enough justification for your to hit that laptop as hard as you can. But that will be expensive your know. When the computer seizes up and all you can do while the rage is building up within you, is to press the enter key really hard. Instead of messing up the keyboard, you turn to the Big Enter Key and then everything feels much better.


Big Enter Key

Or once you are done doing something that took a long time, high-five yourself by having a little fun play-boxing your soft Big Enter Key. Or else, why not warm up by slapping it a little before taking on something tricky such as a tough game or perhaps a daunting assignment. The world would be a little better place if everyone had his own Big Enter Key!

About the Big Enter Key

Giant-sized enter key made of soft material

Connected via USB cable to your computer

Also serves as a proper enter key

Detachable cover

Size: 140×200 mm

Weight: approximately 0.3 kg

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