Tipsaga – One Of The Best Prediction Sites In 2022

By offering consistently reliable and safe football betting picks, Tipsaga has established a standard. The predictions, advice, and analysis provided by Tipsaga are supported by faultless algorithms and meticulous examination of club performance data.

The effects of things like transfers, suspensions, and injuries are also taken into account. Match previews and statistical analysis are combined with resounding expertise by Tipsaga’s experienced and devoted prediction specialists to produce high-value and accurate betting picks.

With over 95% accuracy over the years, Tipsaga prides itself on being the most accurate football prediction website in the world. By offering worthwhile wagers on soccer predictions, Tipsaga is committed to guaranteeing that our members receive the highest possible profits and returns.

Every day of the week, Tipsaga offers you the most precise and guaranteed football picks. Tipsaga is steadfast in its efforts to help many bettors make the most of the advice they offer. offers 100% assurance in sports investments, therefore it can help soccer bettors avoid excessive losses.

Tipsaga’s Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions and return policy that apply to users are listed below.

  1. To join or utilize any of’s services, a user must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. We do not provide manipulated games, only well-predicted football predictions. We don’t give users or subscribers with fixed games.
  3. When logged in, all users get access to all of our free prediction categories, which are displayed on the website’s home page and in other categories.
  4. You must pay a subscription fee in order to join any of our prediction plans or packages. By doing this, you can access the website’s paid prediction categories while registered into your account, and you’ll also receive emails every day with games that have been specifically chosen for you to watch. Your chosen plan or bundle will determine the games you receive by email.
  5. Please be aware that we only send you a selection of the games that are available on the Internet. You might need to visit the website and watch games from every category you have subscribed to in order to view more forecasts across all categories.
  6. Basic, premium, clever tips, and weekly jackpot subscribers are the only ones who receive emails about specific games. For the time being, we do not send games to regular package subscribers through email.
  7. We don’t deliver games to mobile devices. We exclusively distribute games via email.

Subscribers are typically recommended not to put all of their games on one slip because our games don’t have a confidence level of 100% but we can claim of 95-99%. In order to constantly win, subscribers are also urged to play Sure 2 and Banker.

  1. Once payment has been received and validated, all subscribers are immediately updated. However, occasionally the system may fail to do so. In this situation, the subscriber can get in touch with us to manually update his or her account.
  2. All payments are now made via credit card or bank deposit/transfer, which results in account upgrades and access to the purchased package. International subscribers have two payment options: Skrill or cards through the Rave payment portal (Coming soon). Please be aware that we are always developing more convenient payment choices and procedures for both our domestic and foreign subscribers.

Tipsaga’s Pricing Plans

Tipsaga has six plans that clients can enjoy. They have a Starter plan, Standard plan, Premium plan, Jumbo plan, Jumbo Xtra plan, and Clever Tips plan. Check the specification of each plan below.

Starter Plan

  • Price: $10 weekly or $25 monthly
  • 5 Sure Odds Daily
  • Access to 5+ Categories
  • Over 90% Accurate
  • Instant Access
  • Extra 2 sets of 2 Odds

Standard Plan

  • Price: $15 weekly or $35 monthly
  • 2 Sets of 5 Sure Odds Daily
  • Access to 8+ Categories
  • Over 90% Accurate
  • Instant Access
  • Extra 2 sets of 2 Odds

Premium Plan

  • Price: $45 weekly or $45 monthly
  • 3 Sets of 5 Sure Odds Daily
  • Access to ALL Categories
  • Over 90% Accurate
  • Instant Access
  • Extra 2 sets of 2 Odds

Jumbo Plan

  • Price: $17 for a week, $34 for 2 weeks, or $65 monthly
  • 1 set of 70 to 120 odds a Week
  • Access to STARTER PLAN
  • Over 95% Accurate
  • Instant Access
  • Games are sent on WHATSAPP

Jumbo Xtra Plan

  • Price: $22 for a week, $44 for 2 weeks, or $75 monthly
  • 1 set of 120 to 200 odds a Week
  • Access to STANDARD PLAN
  • Over 95% Accurate
  • Instant Access
  • Games are sent on WHATSAPP

Clever Tips Plan

  • Price: $30 for 4 days, $50 for 8 days, or $80 for 15 days
  • Odd Range: 1.70 to 2.2 odds daily
  • Access to ONLY Clever Tips
  • Over 99% Accurate
  • Compensation Policy included

People Also Ask

Do Tipsaga Provide Fixed Tips?

Not at all, no. Based on data, current form, team analysis, and their maestros’ predictions, Tipsaga provides precise football predictions.

What Are The 1, X, 2, 1x, 2x, Yes, No, Dnb, Under, And Over In Tipsaga?

  • 1 just denotes a victory for the home team.
  • 2 indicates a victory for the visiting team.
  • X denotes a draw in the game.
  • 1X denotes a home victory or a tie.
  • X2 denotes an away win or a tie.
  • YES indicates that both sides scored during the same game.
  • NO denotes that either no teams scored at all or that only one team scored.
  • DNB stands for Draw No Bet.
  • UNDER denotes less goals than the stated number.
  • Over refers to more than just the given number of goals.

How Do I Bet On Tipsaga?

Unfortunately, you cannot bet on Tipsaga. Tipsaga is not a betting site; it is a soccer prediction website.

Final Statement

One of the top soccer prediction websites is Tipsaga. According to their website, Tipsaga will not be held liable for any loss or harm resulting from user decisions that are against the information, betting advice, or links offered on this website.

Tipsaga retains the right to change or alter any content on this website without providing previous notification, therefore users are advised to gamble solely at their own risk and discretion. Outstanding past performance is not a guarantee of excellent future success.

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