Top 10 alternatives to Jambojet to travel and fly in Kenya

Jambojet is a local Kenyan airline and a subsidiary of Kenya Airways. It was established in 2013 and launched operations in 2014. Since then, it offers professional, unique, and affordable travel services within Kenya and East Africa.

The local airline operates from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. It provides domestic flights to Malindi airport in Malindi, Ukunda Airport in Ukunda, Eldoret International Airport in Eldoret, Kisumu International Airport in Kisumu, and Moi International Airport in Mombasa. Similarly, it provides flights to Kigali International Airport in Rwanda and Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.

Jambojet is popular for offering remarkable yet pocket-friendly air travel experiences. Some of the unique services offered by Jambojet include; group bookings. Likewise, it allows seat selection where passengers can choose between middle seats, aisle seats, or window seats. Extra legroom seats are also available at an extra cost for travellers who need more comfort and space.

Equally, the airline has a pre-paid baggage deals that accommodate up to 23kgs and 32kgs weight with respective prices for each.

Currently, there are several local and international airlines that offer affordable and comfortable travel experiences across the country and the East African region. You have a large number of different packages you can choose from.

Top 10 alternatives to Jambojet to travel and fly in Kenya

In this article, we will highlight the top ten alternatives for Jambojet in travelling and flying. They include:


Fly540 is a locally popular airline that launched operations in 2006. It offers low-cost, comfortable, and safe flights to different Kenyan and East African destinations. The airline operates from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

Fly540 offers domestic flights to Eldoret International Airport, Kisumu International Airport, Moi International Airport, Manda Airport, Lodwar Airport, and Malindi Airport. Similarly, it offers flights to Juba International Airport in Juba, South Sudan, and Abeid Amani Karume International Airport in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The airline allows passengers to carry luggage of up to 20kgs, babies on strollers, and pets in cages.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is Kenya’s leading airline. It was launched in 1977 and is a public-private partnership. The Airline is popular internationally and in Kenya for offering professional and premium air travel services within the country and countries worldwide. Its central hub is in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

The airline offers passenger and cargo flights in several packages that accommodate passengers’ needs and financial ability. For example, high- rates first-class travel packages and relatively affordable economy-class travel packages. Kenya Airway’s domestic destinations include Kisumu International Airport and Moi International Airport. It also provides flights to other East African regions such as Kigali in Rwanda and Entebbe in Uganda.


Safarilink is a renowned and trusted local professional airline formed in 2004. The airline operates within the country and offers affordable travel rates to passengers, mainly tourists. It operates from Wilson Airport in Nairobi and is famous for offering domestic flights to local and international tourists to safari destinations.

The airline offers flights to a large number of destinations within the country. They include; Amboseli, Diani Beach, Kitale, Lamu, Lewa Downs, Vipingo Ridge, Shaba Tsavo West National Park, Nanyuki, Samburu, Naivasha, Nairobi, Loisaba, Masai Mara, and Lodwar. Safarilink equally offers flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport and Zanzibar International Airport in Tanzania. Additionally, it presents passengers with private flight packages.

Mombasa Air Safari

Mombasa Air Safari is a local airline popular in the coastal region. It was formed in 1970 but has since then changed ownership and management several times. The airline operates from Moi International Airport in Mombasa and Ukunda Airport in Ukunda. It is known to offer travel packages to local citizens and tourists to different regions within the country and, mostly, tourist destinations.

Mombasa Air Safari domestic destinations include Samburu, Tsavo, Nairobi, Malindi, Masai Mara, Diani Beach, Amboseli, Lamu Island, and Meru National Park. Equally, it offers flights to Zanzibar and Pemba in Tanzania and Juba in South Sudan.

Airkenya Express

Airkenya Express is a long time serving local airline with subsidiaries in Tanzania and Uganda. It offers affordable air travel packages to destinations across the country, mainly to safari destinations. The airline operates from Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

Airkenya Express has a number of local destinations in Kenya. They include Amboseli, Ukunda, Masai Mara, Lewa Downs, Nanyuki, Malindi, Meru, Samburu, Kisumu, Nakuru, Lamu, Ukunda, and Nairobi. The airline also provides flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania.

It is well known to local and international tourists due to its professional and hospitable staff, East African Connectivity, and connectivity to different tourist destinations.

African Express Airways

African Express Airways is a premium Kenyan airline established in the country in 1986. It operates from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and offers domestic and international flights. It regularly offers discounted prices to passengers, which enhances affordability.

The airline is the largest private-owned airline in East Africa and is known for offering safe, comfortable, and different air travel experiences. Similarly, it accommodates both business and leisure travellers.

African Express Airways offer international flights to different airports in Somalia, Somaliland, Uganda, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. In Kenya, it offers domestic flights to Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Wajir.

East African Safari Air Express (, formerly known as Fly-SAX, is a Kenyan airline that offers air travel services within Kenya and East Africa. It operates from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport in Nairobi. has a wide range of domestic destinations, including Nairobi, Nanyuki, Wajir, Narok, Lamu, Mombasa, Malindi, Lodwar Kitale, Isiolo, Kwale, Garissa, and Baringo. The airline also offers flights to Aden Adde International Airport in Somalia, Entebbe International Airport, and Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport in Comoros.

The airline presents customers with private charter services for business and leisure packages across Kenya and Africa. There are over fifty private charter destinations in Kenya, particularly tourist destinations.

Blue Sky Aviation

Blue Sky Aviation is among Kenya’s renowned Kenyan Airline that was established in 1996. It operates from Moi International Airport in Mombasa, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and Wilson Airport in Nairobi. It is famous for offering convenient, affordable, and professional air travel services within Kenya.

Blue Sky Aviation’s domestic destinations include Malindi, Mombasa, Amboseli, Lamu, Ukunda, Nairobi, and different Masai Mara airfields.

Skyward Express

Skyward express is an established local airline operating in Kenya since 2015. It’s among the airlines that offer affordable travel rates and exceptional travel experiences. Similarly, it operates from Wilson airport in Nairobi and offers a unique package of free refreshments and snacks on-board to all passengers.

Skyward Express offers domestic flights to Eldoret, Mombasa, Ukunda, Lamu, and Lodwar. It also provides an updated flight schedule for all its destinations on its website to keep customers updated on travel schedules.

Jetways Airlines

Jetways Airlines is a registered Kenyan airline that offers air travel services within Kenya. It operates from Wilson Airport in Nairobi and offers affordable air travel rates to passengers. Its main destinations are Nairobi and Wajir.

Jetways Airlines also provides unique air travel services. It offers short-term and long-term charter services and plane leases. Remarkably, it provides chartered relief services within East Africa in emergencies and humanitarian relief programs. The airline also specializes in the provision of evacuation flights during emergencies such as floods.

There are far more than the aforementioned domestic airlines in Kenya that you can pick from depending on your preference that still offers the finest and best air travel experience while in Kenya. However, We hope that the article gives you a splendid guideline as you consider airline options you can use other than Jambojet. May you make informed air travel decisions with the help of the information provided.

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