Top 10 video poker forums in 2020

We will all remember 2013 as the year which Poker communities began booming. In this year, playing poker online became very popular and players all over the world were looking to connect with each other online just as they were connecting while interacting offline.

Being successful in any gambling sport requires you to have interactions with other people who love the gamble. This interaction is very important as it will enhance and sharpen your playing skills and hence increasing your wins.

It is as a result of this that many online communities are coming up to support individuals in various sports. There are various poker forums that you will find when you search online. However, it is always important to learn from the best.


This site is by far the largest video poker forum in 2020. The hottest topics in this platform are online poker, online casinos, and all other types of gambling. As with any other large forum, you might find trolls and cons in this forum and therefore it is important to ensure that you are vigilant enough to avoid being duped. If you would like to also gossip a little TwoplusTwo is the site to visit and learn about all the hot gossip in the poker world.

It is always important to keep in mind that you can meet trolls in video poker forums. This forum is not short of those but it is always the responsibility of the player to try and evaluate information received and what they will do with it.

All things said, this site works best and has always been lauded online to be the best poker forum in the internet.


Poker Strategy has some of the best content online to sharpen your poker gambling skills. In the past, this platform had been the most dominant when it came to provision of video content for poker players. Today, its popularity is diminishing despite the great rankings in online poker platforms. Nonetheless, if you are seeking to join a video poker forum, this is one of the greatest platforms to begin your search at.

Beasts of poker

This is one of the newest and freshest video poker platforms in the internet today. It brings together both lovers of poker and people wishing to invest in the poker business. Beast of poker will offer you tips on the right mindset and strategy to ensuring that you win, they will also offer reviews for online poker rooms where one could visit to play soccer, among a lot of other great content for your consumption.

Beast of Poker will give you the best strategies to help you win your video poker games. In this forum, you will find the most well informed individuals who are well versed with the ways of playing poker and hence will help you be the best.

Poker VIP

Poker VIP will have all the best content regarding strategies for playing, coaching the newbies as reviews of poker rooms. The best thing about this site is that it has a lifestyle section thus enlightening one on all aspects of living and playing.

Therefore Poker will show you how to win money from playing poker and how to spent the money after you have won in their lifestyle section. However, what makes a player win is by far not just by how he plays but by the information he/she consumes. As a result by consuming the right advice and information, one will be able to develop a winning  mindset.


Runitonce is one of the best coaching video poker sites in the internet today. This site has the best professional coaches and players in the World today and hence its content is unmatched. Students in this site often hold poker forums to discuss various hand histories and game formats.

This site offers you the best training for one to consume and sharpen their poker playing skills. All topics are written using easily understandable language.

Pocket Fives

Pocket Fives is the best forum for anyone who enjoys playing Multi-table tournaments. In this site, you will find reviews of various poker sites. If you would like any information from the people in this community, all you have to do is post hand histories in form of questions and you will receive a lot of helpful information to help you win.


Donkr has been in existence for several years now and it has been connecting poker players from all over the world. Despite the fact that activities in this forum have been on the decline, one can still find valuable information from this site.


This is one of the largest poker forums online today. It has over 300,000 subscribers who reqularly post various topics relating to poker such as how to play online as a beginner and how to ensure maximum wins.


We all know Reddit is the place to go in case you have questions of any sort answered. The poker subreddit has a lot of wholesome content to help poker players at all levels. Therefore, if you need some friends to discuss poker at any given time in a day, you will find thousands of them in the Reddit site. If you love consuming a lot of information before making a decision, then Reddit is the place to be.

Moreover, training opportunities are readily available for anyone who would like to be trained for free.  Here, you will also get to celebrate your milestones with hundreds of people who will gladly lend you a helping hand in times of need.


If you are a sit and go customer, Husng is the best website to go to. Here you can discuss all various forms of poker playing at all levels. This forum is easy to navigate and has various poker tournaments challenge to help players to hone their skills. Moreover, you can also get to enjoy some off topic discussions with other poker players. This site has hundreds of poker players all over the world.

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