Top 10+ Wellness spas & Massage Parlors in Nairobi

In this article, we will look at the top 10+ wellness spas & Massage parlors in Nairobi. Sometimes, your body and soul gives in to the toils of our everyday life. It is at this time when we need to take a break and take ourselves for a treat. There is no better place to feel pampered, relaxed and revitalized than at a wellness spa.

However, it is not always easy to find a good spa that will charge you just enough and give you value for your money. As a result, this article aims at listing the top wellness spas and massage parlors. Where you can easily visit when you need to recharge and get back to the wheel of life.

List of Top Wellness Spas and Massage Parlors

  1. Serenity Spa

Serenity Spa strives to offer its clients a world-class and holistic spa experience from head to toe. The Serenity Spa is found in two locations at both Kitsuru and Gigiri. If you would like to have your spa overlooking a lush green garden with birds chirping lovely songs then the one at  Gigiri is the place to be. However, if you are more of a coffee person and would like to sip a cup of coffee as you wait for your turn, the Spa Kitsuru is the place.

More to this, the Serenity Spa prides itself on employing highly qualified staff who are always perfecting their skills. All types of services are offered at this revitalizing spa, including treatment, hair, and grooming as well as a nail bar. Get rejuvenated and relaxed at this top wellness spa and massage parlor. In addition to this and many more get to this spa and let them take care of your wellness. Including Yoga and Gym. You could enjoy the group and even a couple of packages at all their branches. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your partner this valentine, try getting them a voucher for a day at amazing spa.

Top 10+ Spas and Massage parlors
Serenity Spa

2. Revitalize Wellness Centre

As per its name, the Revitalize wellness center is here to help you relax. This wellness and massage spa in Nairobi has three branches fully operational. Offering its clients top-notch services for their wellbeing. At Revitalize wellness center Nairobi, you will get to enjoy a wide range of services, from Spa services, salon, a gym as well as lush gardens where you could get to hold your baby shower or even bridal showers. Moreover, the Revitalize wellness center also has a cafe that you could drop by and enjoy your favorite delicacy. Reviews from customers give it a 4.5 rating for the luxurious experience that they enjoyed at this spa and massage parlor. As a result, revitalize the wellness center is one of the 10+ wellness spas in Nairobi.

Massage Parlour at Revitalise wellness centre

3. Aromatics Spa

Aromatics spa is located at Lavington Nairobi along 101 Manyani Road. One this stands out for this wellness and massage parlor is that they have a dedicated team of skin specialists. These specialists are able to deal with any type of skin using natural products. As a result, your experience is bound to be delightful and relaxing. Here, you will be able to allow your mind, soul, and body to heal without much hassle. The ambiance at the Aromatic spa exudes relaxing energy. Moreover, there are plenty of packages that one can choose from when they get to the spa. Therapists at Aromatics spa are well trained and make sure that you leave with a delightful memory about the place. The cost of a single package ranges from Ksh 6,000 to Ksh 18,500.

Top 10+ Wellness Spas in Nairobi
Aromatics Spa

4. Maisha Spa and Wellness

Maisha Spa and Wellness center is found at the Nairobi Serena Hotel in Nairobi. This Spa prides itself on being the wellness sanctuary for the mind, body and the senses. This Spa has the most qualified therapists who are able to access the needs of each individual and undertake the right treatment. Whether you have a skin issue that you would like taken care of or if you would like to get back that glow, Maisha Spa and wellness center is the place. In addition to this all, there are plenty of amenities. For instance, you will get an aerobics gym, a heated pool, treatment centers making it your ideal sanctuary to relax and have fun.

Maisha Spa and Wellness centre

5. Derevana Spa

This spa and wellness parlor was founded in Thailand in 2000. You can find Derevana Spa all over the world where there is a Dusit hotel. In Nairobi, Derevana Spa is found at Dusit d2 hotel along Riverside drive. All the treatments and therapies offered at this center are inspired by ancient Thai therapies. This spa is a perfect getaway as its located just a few minutes from the city. You can now apply for membership to be able to access the spa all year long for only Ksh.50,000 net. Beautifully themed in the garden in heaven theme is meant to get you feeling well and relaxed by the time you leave the spa. Moreover, this is one of the top wellness spas in Nairobi.

Top 10+ Wellness spas in Nairobi
Revitalizing oils at a spa – Derevana Spa

6. Entim Sidai Wellness Sanctuary

Entim Sidai wellness center is found at Karen, Nairobi. In the local Maasai language, Entim Sidai means a beautiful forest. This wellness sanctuary and massage parlor in Nairobi is found in a serene and relaxing environment. Here you will find a salon, massage parlor, yoga, nail bar as well as a restaurant. Moreover, its worth to note that the house that this sanctuary is located was once a missionary doctor’s home acquired in 1923. You could have your massage in another glass-walled house in the forest or in the main house. All this is meant to give you a wholesome experience to relax and have fun. Moreover, Entim Sidai offers a wide range of packages to choose from with prices ranging from Ksh 6500 to Ksh 19000.

7. Kaya Spa

Kaya Spa offers you unrivaled pampering once you decide to make them part of your wellness journey. Located at the tribe hotel in Nairobi, Kaya Spa is one of the top wellness spa and massage parlors in Nairobi. Tribe hotel is one of the top best restaurants in Nairobi. As a result of this, this spa was listed at the Conde Nast Traveller’s Hot Spa listing as one of the top 40 spas worldwide. All noise fades away while here. All you can do here is relax, sip your herbal tea and relax some more. However, more unique about the Kaya spa is that it offers various treatments safe for pregnant women. Moreover, it also has a specialized skin treatment unit just for you. If you love books, you will find plenty at the bookshelves at the Kaya Spa.

TOp 10+ Wellness Spas in Nairobi
Kaya Spa

8. Saffron day spa and salon

Saffron day spa and salon offer you a stimulating and relaxing environment for your mind, body, and soul to calm. This Spa and salon are popularly known for its Hammam’s treatment that lasts between 45 – 60 minutes. Whether you are a bridal party that wants to spoil the bride or just couples who want to escape together, the Saffron day spa is here to offer you the best. If you would like to gift your loved one the gift of wellness this Valentine’s day, try Saffron day spa and salon for an affordable package. Located at Muthangari drive, you are bound to enjoy the fun that comes with booking an appointment with them. It is one of the top 10+ wellness spas in Nairobi.

Saffron Day Spa and Salon Reception

9. Wild Earth Day Spa

Another top wellness spa and massage parlor in Nairobi that offers world-class services. This spa is located along the Peponi Road in Nairobi. Its design is inspired by the Moroccan style. Therefore enabling you to replenish your senses and have some fun while at it. Some of the main services offered at this spa include; body scrub, massages, salon as well as pedicure and manicure services. Visit Wild Earth Spa center today and enjoy relaxing in a quiet and serene environment.

10.Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Holistic Centre

Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Holistic center offers you a wonderful experience to release excessive stress by helping you learn the secrets of relaxation. On top of being a spa center, this center is also trying to offer alternative natural treatment of the whole body. The treatments here will strengthen your mind to be resilient in all circumstances. Some of the main services offered at this center include Ayurvedic treatment, reflexology, Yoga as well as Ayush spa therapies. Their package is quite affordable with 2 hours and a half session costing only Ksh 10,000. Moreover, this Spa is one of the top 10+ wellness spas in Nairobi.

Treatment at Ayush centre

11.Silver Spa

Silva spa is based in Silver springs hotel located along valley road in Nairobi. This spa offers you holistic treatments meant to have your body and mind relaxing. Some of the treatments offered at this spa include Hot stone massage, classic massage, body scrub, detox, aromatherapy among others.

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