Top 9 sites similar PredictZ for soccer tips and predictions

People who love football sometimes cannot wait for the game to get over to know the results! The same goes for professional bettors and rookies. They need to provide accurate results to have a good return on their investment. This fact has prompted dozens of websites to pop up just to serve this purpose. But from these various websites, how will you know which one is accurate and which one is not? To help you identify some of the best Kenyan soccer prediction websites like PredictZ, we have compiled this guide. We hope this guide will be highly useful for you in looking out for PredictZ alternative websites.

PredictZ is a widely popular choice for many users since it provides valuable football tips and allows them to select any game from the available games for prediction. But like its features are supported statistically, are there any other similar websites that can deliver accurate results? The answer is yes! Here is the list of the top 9 Kenyan soccer website available which you provide you with accurate results and predictions:


One of the most widely popular soccer prediction websites, the team of BetEnsured comprises football experts and statisticians who have around 7 years of experience in the football prediction game!


  • They consider important factors of the game such as the history of the game, goal statistics, and much more in order to maximize the chance of winning.
  • Important information regarding the upcoming games is daily updated.
  • To help the bettors predict an accurate result, they suggest valuable predictions.


  • Daily prediction: This website allows daily predictions on various different games to enable the bettors to have a better chance of winning.
  • Prediction options: They provide a lot of prediction options to choose from such as double chance, GG, minimum and maximum goals, etc. which makes these sites even better!


One of the best soccer prediction sites, WinDrawWin is a free soccer prediction platform that covers over 100 different global football leagues and offers around 20,000 predictions in a single soccer game! By providing various recommendations and predictions, the users have gained a lot from this website!


  • Detailed information: To make the website informative, they have detailed information of the football teams such as their goal-scoring abilities, goals per ratio, a form of the teams, etc.
  • Free services: Apart from providing predictions, it offers various free services such as : soccer trends, betting statistics, football results, betting recommendations, and football statistics.
  • Prediction options: Various prediction options that are available to the users are: GG, BTS (both teams score), maximum and minimum goals, win combo, number of corners, etc. All these various kinds of prediction options make the website even more attractive to use.


Futbol24 is widely popular among bettors due to its user-friendly interface and is one of the most accurate soccer prediction websites. Apart from providing users a browsing platform, Futbol24 can be accessed through both Android and iOS mobile applications. The following features are provided by Futbol24 makes it a popular choice for football fans and bettors:


  • Futbol24 can be accessed from a browser as well as from android and iOS mobile applications. This advantage makes this website very easy to access.


  • Useful information: A lot of useful information like game statistics, match analysis, live match information, competition between teams, leagues per country, a list of your favorite matches, etc. can be availed on this website.
  • Betting features: Various features like match forecast, predicting odds, leaderboard, game table, latest match by the teams makes it easier to place bets. All these features help the users to predict accurate results.


Zulubet is an exclusive soccer prediction site as it has its primary focus laid on football only. Being an all soccer prediction site, Zulubet is one of the most preferred prediction sites among the users.


  • They provide expert tips on betting to enable its users to predict accurately.
  • Major global premier football leagues such as LA Liga, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, Serie A, English premier league, Ligue 1, etc. are covered by Zulubet.


  • Accurate calculation: On the basis of current game form, match statistics, previous meeting results,  etc., they are able to provide accurate calculations.
  • Multilingual website: Since Zulubet offers over 20 different languages to its users, it is a very versatile website.


Unlike many other websites, SoloPredict’s betting tips can be availed only after paying for the betting tips. By paying an amount of $50, bettors can get access to a full month’s tips. However, it is one of the most accurate Kenyan websites providing soccer predictions.


  • SoloPredict provides betting tips on some selected matches only. This enables it to provide accurate results.
  • It provides trustworthy predictions since it daily filters matches from football matches and then provides their predictions.
  • After analyzing the game data and statistics of the game, they calculate their prediction and provide it to its users.
  • Apart from a browser, SoloPredict can be also accessed through a low sized mobile application.


1960tips has been in the soccer prediction business for the last 10 years! With this immense experience, they have emerged to be one of the most accurate soccer prediction sites! This website has a unique prediction software designed with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Due to this fact, 1960tips is able to provide accurate prediction results and hence is the choice for many bettors!


Soccervista has its main focus on only football prediction. Due to this fact it is a popular choice among football bettors. They are highly experienced since they have been in the prediction business since 1999 and are to present accurate recommendations to its users. Soccervista allows its users to see the live data scores from their vast database of soccer teams. Some of the top soccer teams and premier soccer leagues are covered by this top Kenyan soccer prediction website.


Statarea is used by a wide range of visitors and bettors since they have a very user-friendly interface. The results predicted by this website are very accurate and are trusted by many bettors since they provide their predictions on the basis of the statistics of the game.


  • It is one of the most interactive soccer prediction sites as it allows the bettors to place their own predictions. After this step is completed, all the placed predictions are favored through polls. Once the winning result is obtained, Statarea uses its statistical calculations to predict the accurate winner!


SoccerPunter has been predicting the results of the football game for a very long time. This makes it very popular soccer predicting website among professional bettors and rookies. Apart from delivering soccer prediction, its users can avail of arbitrage, live score, casino poker, and much more! If you have never used this website, then probably a trial will convince you that this is one of the best soccer prediction websites!

Although these soccer prediction sites are widely popular and are globally used, this does not mean that they are 100% accurate in their predictions! Before placing your bet, you should always make your own judgments! However, most of the above sites are free to access and can be availed by anyone. Some sites might even ask you to create a profile. So if you are looking for similar sites such as PredictZ, then these top 9 soccer prediction sites are the best for you!

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