Unexplained Wonders: What is happening to our world?

Guys I recently watched an environmental documentary recording bizarre happenings around the world. To some extent, the things happening out there are interesting and worrying at the same time. While some of these wonders seem to be associated with different parts of the world, when you see them all together, you can’t help but believe that something much greater is happening without our knowledge.

Crack In Kenya
Crack in Kenya

Following the recent tragedy in Mai Mahiu where a big crack just opened up overnight, I begged for answers of what, could really be happening, but even so, not even the geologists and scientists have a sure clue of this phenomenon.

Most of us have agreed that it is due to the heavy rains that have been plunging our country for the better part of 2018. However, my heart is telling me something different.

Just for the record, this is not the first crack that has appeared mysteriously, the same thing was witnessed in South Africa where a mile long opened up.

Similar cracks have also been seen in other continents but it is the second time it is happening in Africa. The scary bit though is that our crack was one of the biggest. According to some geologist, the African continent may be on the verge of splitting into two again.

Crack in New Zealand

If you can keenly match the areas where similar cracks have been witnessed, you will realize that it’s along the Rift valley.

We all know that the tectonic plates along the fault line are unstable and over several years, these plates could even separate along the rift valley to form a continent made up of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia Tanzania, Zambia all the way down to South Africa.

Different Opinions

Various people have varying opinions as to why these disasters are happening. Spiritual people will argue in the context of the bible where during the end times the beast will awaken. Maybe something is trying to come out of the ground, who knows.

Something disturbs me about humanity though, as much as we have developed strict regulations on worthless materials, we seem not to care much about the world that gives us life. Constant air, water and land pollution, and for the most part mining.

Give me your ears my people, this is important. For centuries, people have been mining oil from the core of the earth. They have been removing a valuable material from the earth and they do not pump anything down there to fill the void they have exploited.

You see, I always tell people that oil was placed there for a reason, and being the fuel for your car was not one of the reasons.

Maybe this precious fluid was placed there by God to be a lubricant for the tectonic plates. To allow them to slide over each other without much trouble. What have done, we have overlooked the purpose of the fluid and made it a drink for our automobiles.

Explain to me why these cracks will not continue to open up. It’s the high time we started thinking beyond our noses and woke up to the reality that we are the very cause of the problems we have.

The world has infinite access to renewable energy. Sun, waves, wind, geothermal etc. technology should be developed towards harnessing this energy for a more sustainable world.

Unfortunately, you tell this to people and all you get is a blank look. Let’s save our world, let’s go green!!


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