Valentine Cake House Price List 2020

The Valentine cake house is one of the leading baking houses in Kenya. So, are you organising an event such as a birthday, a wedding, graduation or an anniversary? The valentine cake house as a suitable cake for you.

An Event is not complete without a mouthwatering, finger-licking cake. That’s why the Valentine cake house strives to not only produce such cakes, but they’re cakes are cost-effective too.

In this article, we take a look at the Valentine cake house price list according to the various categories available.

The Valentine Cake House Price List 2020

Below is the general price list of cakes that are available at the Valentine Cake House. The prices are classified according to the flavour and cake weight.


1. Valentine Cake House Pricelist


2. Valentine Cake House Wedding Cake Price List

  • Classic Wedding Cake Price List

Classic wedding cakes come in a box or round shape. They can be baked in different flavours. However, they are charged according to the number of tires.

3 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)30,000-35,000

4 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)35,000-40,000

5 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)40,000-45,000

6 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)50,000-55,000

7 tier at Ksh (depending on the design)60,000-65,000

8 tier at Ksh (depending on the design) 70, 000

  • Special Themes Wedding Cakes

In this category, the cake is baked. Depending on the theme of the event, also the costs depend on the number of tiers.

Its cost ranges from Ksh 60, 000.

  • Traditional Themes Wedding Cakes

Traditional themes heavily depend on the community that the hosts are from. Cakes in this category come in different tires, as stated below:

3tier to 4tier at Ksh35,000-42,000

5tier to 6tier at Ksh45,000-50,000

  • Fresh Creamed Cakes (BlackForest)

Fresh creamed cakes come in three flavours. White forest, passion, and blueberry.

They are served in small bowls and forks. A maximum of 350 bowls and any extra bowl at the cost of sh 10 per dish.

4tier to 5tier costs between 42,000-48,000 at Ksh

6tier to 7tier costs between 48,000-53,000 at Ksh


The Valentine cake house offers delivery services to all its customers who are not able to get their cakes personally.

The deliveries are done:

  1. At a fee
  2. To a pick-up point that is exclusive to homes
  3. Deliveries are done daily, and the last delivery is strictly done by 5 pm
  4. If you are in the Nairobi CBD, you are lucky because delivery is done free of charge.

How to Place an Order

Placing an order at the Valentine cake house is as simple as 1,2,3.

You can place your order via phone call, their App, Facebook, and even WhatsApp.

What puts it high on the list of baking houses in Kenya is the fact that you can order your cake at any time and have it delivered.

For example, you can order while at the reception of your party and have your cake delivered in a few minutes.


The headquarters is on Kimathi St, Old Mutual Building, 3rd floor

They have other branches in Buruburu, Fedha, Kitengela, and Gateway Mall.

On the other hand, they are also found in Nakuru, Naivasha Meru, Thika, and Mombasa

From the price list above, you realise that everyone can be able to have a cake no matter how small the amount of money they have.

Also, cakes come in different sizes, flavours and are customised according to the client’s taste.

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