What is my Angel Number?

Numerology, the belief in the divine link between one or more numbers or sequences of numbers, is sometimes referred to as mysticism. Numerology is typically connected with the occult and paranormal subjects, although it belongs to the realm of astrology. A numerologist refers to these five numbers as “core numbers.” It is believed that the Angel Number is connected to Numerology. So, what is angel number, and why is it such a delight to see them around? To determine your angel number, start with your age. This guide has answered your question “what is my angel number?”

The answer to this question is an angel number

Have you ever seen repeated sequences of numbers? Three-hundred-and-thirty-and-fifty-and-sixty? You could just be randomly spotting these amounts of money once or twice, but what if you keep discovering them? One simple way to look at these concepts is to consider the following scenarios: At 1:11 AM, you abruptly wake up; you pay your bill of $11.1, and you get messages at 11.10 PM. In numerological terminology, these numbers are referred to as angel numbers. It is said that angels communicate with people in a synchronistic manner. Thus, we’re seeing the same numbers again and over, far too frequently to be due to mere chance.

An angel number represents an angel

Angels follow numerological concepts. To put it another way, each number has a certain resonant frequency and signifies something more than its mathematical value. When angel numbers appear, it is a way for the gods to encourage you to continue with your life and professional decisions.

Familiar patterns and their symbolic meaning

A number sequence that repeats is a simple way to catch our attention. Of course, each sequence has a unique significance, regardless of how many times it repeats. Here the most common sequences of angel numbers and their signification:


This sequence symbolizes manifestation. If you happen to come across this number, then you should know that this is a clear indication for you to take healthy risks, move forward with your decisions, and take the necessary actions to approach your goal.


According to a psychic medium, this number sequence primarily serves as a reminder to enjoy the present moment and trust the current position you are in. If you are confused about your current decisions or the path towards which your life is headed, then seeing this number sequence is a positive confirmation from the angels. So keep doing whatever you are supposed to do and trust the process.


When you are lacking balance in your life and are unable to notice it, then this sequence can denote a prompt from the angels to bring more balance into your life. If you see this sequence then remember to self-correct yourself, meditate and start working towards the goals that you have been thinking of achieving.


If you are in a difficult situation, going through turmoil in your relationship, or having issues at work, then seeing a sequence is a good sign. Seeing the number 4 all around denotes that the angels are nearby and are protecting you. This can serve as a good omen and you will definitely overcome the difficulties and emerge triumphantly.


If you spot the sequence 555 too often, that means things are going to change. Change is often seen as a negative thing, but you should not be bothered by this. With well-defined goals and the right mindset, you can easily adjust to this change that is going to come. This is just a message from your angel to be prepared for the change that is going to come and adjust accordingly.


This number sequence can be regarded as a reality check. If you are frequently seeing this sequence this means that the angels are trying to tell you to take responsibility in your life. You should ask yourself, “What should I change and do differently?”


The sequence 777 is denoted as the angel number of spirituality. If you see this sequence then it means that you should embrace the present. For a moment, try to give up control of your life revolving around the things that are going to happen next. You should have faith and trust that everything will work well for you.


The Universe’s infinite loop of energy is denoted by the sequence 888. It is an appreciation symbol and means that you are naturally going forward with the things that you should be progressing with. It is also a reminder to be grateful for the goals that you have achieved in your life.


Life is a cycle and this sequence denotes that a certain phase in your life is reaching its completion. After attending your college graduation ceremony you might see 999 on the number plate of a car. This simply means that the college phase is over and now you should focus on creating new goals in your life.

How to calculate your angel number?

Finding your personal angel number can be quite easy when you know how to find it! With the help of an example, here is a step by step guide for calculating your angel number:

Write down your date of birth in a numeral sequence. For example, a person who is born on 17th December 1998, will have a numeric sequence as 17121998.
In the next step, you need to reduce this sequence as (1+7+1+2+1+9+9+8) = 38
To find the angel number, reduce this number to 3+8 = 11
The result that you obtain is your angel number. In this example, the angel number is 11.


The numbers 11, 22, or 33 hold a strong spiritual significance and are referred to as master numbers.

Now that you have gained knowledge about angel numbers, you can use this knowledge to improve your day-to-day life and work on the things that you need to improve. You can also guide others and help them to focus on important aspects of your life. Remember, seeing angel numbers is a blessing in disguise.

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