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Nation Media Group is looking for columnists and contributors to write for its English publications. These publications are (Daily, Saturday and Sunday) Nations; The East African and Business Daily.

These are important roles and a great opportunity for any writer. In both categories, writers are free to express their opinions through writing on topics of their choice. Columnists get to write a regular column while contributors are published on ad hoc basis.

Role To Play

There is a need for the columnists and contributors to maintain objectivity in the contributions. Opinions are to be backed up with solid facts that readers can confirm. Readers expect new ideas, fresh information and solutions to problems.

Columnists and contributors have the responsibility to drive healthy conversations on issues affecting the socio-economic health of the country. Through their input in the paper, they will be able to capture the attention of most if not all Kenyans.


Variety is the spice of life. Nation Media Group is looking to diversify the columns by seeking writers who can deliver in other topics besides politics. The focus, therefore, lies on matters health, environment, science, religion (as a tool for socialization), education and security.


First, Nation Media Group is seeking candidates with excellent writing skills, creativity, knowledge and unique experience on a subject. The candidate has to know how to communicate clearly and simply with all readers despite the complexity of any given topic.

Second of all, candidates must be able to draw the readers attention and keep them captivated by their work. This calls for fresh content and well thought out publications. Their work ought to be sustainable.

In order to draw the attention of readers and keep them engaged, it is necessary that candidates offer a persuasive argument in the publication.

Finally, it is important that all NMG columnists and contributors demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic at hand. Besides that, they should be willing to accept contradicting views.

In Conclusion

Nation Media Group is granting you an opportunity to have the world read your work. If interested, submit a 650 words opinion. Send it to publ[email protected] by February 20, 2018. All the best!

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