10 Fine Pizza Restaurants in Nairobi

Are you wondering about some of the finest Pizza restaurants in Nairobi? We are here to help you out! Today we look at the best pizza restaurants in Kenya offering mouth-watering treats. Enjoy.

Here are the 10 top restaurants in Nairobi

  1. La Terraza Italian Restaurant

As per the name, this is an Italian restaurant offering a large variety of Italian dishes on top of Pizza. If you would like to enjoy some fresh Pizza made from ingredients flown all the way from Milan, this is the place. It’s worth to note that this restaurant also has an art gallery. Therefore its ambiance is amazing!

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2. Mambo Italia

One of the finest restaurants in Nairobi to enjoy a delicious pizza. In addition to offering fine Pizza’s, Mambo Italia is well known for its Lasagna. It’s found in three locations that is at Garden City, Westlands(Rivaan Centre) and Lavington. Once you eat their Pizza, you will never want to eat it from anywhere else.

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3. Pomodoro

This restaurant is found in Gigiri at the Village market. Its main specialty is Pizza. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, try it out and let’s know how it’s like.

4. Debonairs Pizza

If you like your Pizza with a thin crunchy crust, then Debonairs got you. It’s worth to note that their Pizza is the tastiest in town. This restaurant has a very special place in my heart as its where I had my first pizza. It did not disappoint that is why I keep going back for more. Moreover, apart from Debonairs offering the finest pizza in town, it’s also easily affordable as their outlets can be found all over town.

5. Big Square

Big Square is your every good day restaurant. They are well known for their BBQ chicken and burger. Most people, however, don’t know that they also serve fine, delicious burgers.  Moreover, Big square also participates in the Nairobi Pizza Festival. Therefore the next time you hear about one, head down there and enjoy a great pizza in an awesome ambiance.

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6. Dominoes Pizza

Dominoes restaurant is here to satisfy your craving for Pizza. It’s worth noting that this restaurant has been around for a while now. Notably, it is also very popular as a result of the many offers that it runs on its website throughout the year. Currently, they are running one whereby, when you order online for one large pizza you get a 2litres coke free. If you like this deal, check it out.

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7. Spring Valley Oven

This restaurant offering fine pizza is located in Spring Valley shopping center. Mostly, it specializes in wood fire pizza offered at less than a thousand shillings. If you live around Spring valley and would like to enjoy your pizza in the hood then this is your place. Moreover, if you don’t reside in Spring Valley and have tasted their pizza and you enjoy it, you can now order it through Glovo.

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8. Pizza Inn

We all know Pizza inn because of Terrific Tuesday. Who would not want two large pizzas at the price of one? Well if you have not yet heard of them, at least now you know. Moreover, they offer a variety of Pizza with different toppings such as beef, chicken, pineapple among others. Don’t be afraid to try out something new, this is your time!

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9. Mediterraneo Ristorante

This restaurant has three outlets in Nairobi. One at Junction, another at Westlands and then the last at Gigiri. They offer a wide range of Italian cuisines including Pizza. On top of that, the environment is nice, making it a fun spot to hold a business meeting. People frequenting this place appreciate their Pizza. Please try it out, if you have not yet tried them out.

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10. La Cantina

For those of us who value fancy Italian restaurants, then this one is the ideal. On top of being served a delicious pizza, this place is quiet and calm. Any Pizza eaten in an environment like this has to be delicious and it is!

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