Top 10 most accurate sites to check the weather in Nairobi

Which modern sites do you consider as accurate sites when checking the weather in Nairobi?  Modern weather forecasting dates back to the 18th century when the first-ever weather measuring devices were introduced by  Daniel Fahrenheit who credited with the invention of the first reliable thermometer. He is also credited with the production of the first reproducible thermometers in 1709, where different thermometers could be produced showing the same temperature in the same station.

Weather accuracy was first realized in the 19th century when physicists introduced laws guiding temperature and pressure concepts.  Since then weather forecasting information has been used to warn people about oncoming weather seasons.

Broadcasting of weather forecasts on print started in the same century in the year 1861. Radio broadcast started in 1911 with marine troops. In 1936, BBC made the first television weather broadcast.

Today, technological trends in the late 20th century and the 21st century has made it possible for people to access weather forecasts on online sites. People no longer have to make wild guesses or wait for the evening news to know about the weather. They can access daily weather predictions on websites.

There are now over fifty sites you can use to check the weather. You do not have to carry a coat or umbrella on a sunny day. You also do not have to get caught up in the afternoon or evening downpour without an umbrella.

Top 10 most accurate sites to check the weather

In this article, you will get to know more about some of the top ten weather sites you can use to check weather updates. They include:


AccuWeather is an internationally recognized, used and trusted weather site. It gives an account of the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly weather patterns of every region in the country. Similarly, it gives an in-depth analysis of current weather patterns and air quality.  Interestingly, it has an interactive live Mapbox and radar. Through the live radar one can view fifteen minutes of live weather video of their region. The map can be zoomed in and out depending on a viewer’s needs.

AccuWeather also provides weather-related articles and news to keep viewers informed and entertained. It not only narrows down weather data to different country’s and regions within it but also narrows down to sub-regions.

World Weather Online

World Weather Online is an international weather site that provides very detailed yet simple weather information. The site utilizes both graphics and written texts to provide weather details. It has a separate section for the daily weather analysis and a separate section for the 10-day analysis. There is also a live map that detects the location, presents accurate weather data of the region, and facilitates comparison with other regions.

World weather online pays great attention to other weather details such as the Ultra Violet index, temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure, and visibility. The details of these elements are provided in both the hourly and 10-day graph.

BBC Weather

BBC weather is an internationally known and trusted weather site. The site provides graphically represented weather information on an hourly and daily roll-out. Through the site, a viewer can tell the exact time the sun will rise or set. It further provides data on the Ultraviolet index, humidity, visibility, pressure, and makes predictions on the future changes of these elements.

Remarkably, BBC Weather offers two interactive weather videos. One is a live video of weather patterns and changes all over the world and in specific regions. And the other one is a video of BBC broadcasted weather news updated on a daily basis.

Weather Underground (Wunderground)

Weather Underground is a sophisticated weather site that offers graphically detailed and analyzed weather data. Its hourly, daily and ten-day weather analysis is presented in graphs that give clear weather predictions. The site offers specific weather data such as visibility, rainfall, humidity, dew point, pressure, and clouds data.

Impressively, Weather Underground also offers astronomical data including moon details, day length, and civil, nautical and astronomical twilight. You can check out a detailed analysis of the state of pollen, precipitation, air quality and ultraviolet index in your area in the site. Equally, it offers live weather map radar.

Time and

Time and is among the most informative and popular weather sites in the country. It provides a detailed graphical description of hourly, daily, and monthly weather information. The site presents viewers with complete particulars on temperature, clouds, wind speed, humidity, and precipitation.

Weather patterns sometimes change within minutes and hours. The site offers hourly summarized graphical weather information which keeps you up to date with current and possible weather changes. Time and similarly gives specific dates and times for the sunrise, sunset, day length, moonrise and moonset of every day and night.


WeatherBug is a very efficient and renowned weather site that not only provides weather information but also offers an in-depth analysis and mapping of the data. It provides a live radar and Mapbox which presents weather data geographically and makes it easy to compare weather patterns of different regions.

Equally, the WeatherBug site is divided into sections depending on the different weather data you may be interested in. The sections provide detailed weather information including wind-chill, dew point, wind gust, humidity, sunrise, sunset, moon, temperature, and pressure details.  You can look up the pollen levels, air quality, and lightning probability within your specific region from the site. is an international weather site that provides true and thorough weather reports. At the top of the site summarized information on the date, cloud, temperature, sunrise, and sunset information is presented for people running on a tight schedule and just want weather highlights.

Below the summary, then offers a detailed written description of the current state of the weather, and the expected, monthly and yearly patterns. With such information, you can make not only daily, but also monthly and annual plans aligned with weather patterns. Its presentation of cloud and rainfall information in percentages are also direct and understandable.

The Weather Channel-IBM Business

The Weather Channel by IBM Business is a weather site that offers summarized and graphically represented hourly, daily, 10-days, monthly, and yearly weather data. It presents humidity, ultraviolet index, sunrise, and sunset, moonrise, and moonset details as well.

The Weather Channel has a live radar from which one can view the weather of their specific area on a live map and make adjustments as they desire. is similarly a comprehensive weather site in Kenya. It offers graphically detailed hourly and daily weather forecast. The site also provides an image representation of the position of the moon and the sun. Also, the times of the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset are provided on the site.

Interestingly, provides a live satellite image with a clear portrayal of the particular weather present. Weather maps of the rain, snow, storms and clouds are also present on the site.

Weather Crave 

Weather crave is a renowned international weather site. The site provides well explained and summarized daily weather information in both graphical and written formats.

Its comparison of weather patterns over areas with 30 and 15 km differences makes it suitable for people travelling and are keen on not getting weather surprises along the way.

Weather information is essentially useful in making future plans. Weather Crave provides night, next day, and the whole week’s detailed weather descriptions; hence providing a warning on potential changes and ensuring people make informed prior preparations.

The list comprises of accurate sites selected on a random basis; they may be far from what you know and are not necessarily accurate. The sites handle your weather worries and let you focus on other significant life matters. We hope this article gives you an informative guideline as you look for weather information online. May you make superb weather informed decisions.

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