3 Reasons for a professional to have a personal website

We will cover some reasons that explain why having a personal website can help in the professional area:

You keep track of your brand:

With a personal website, you can customize everything from background photos to fonts and text layout. So, unlike LinkedIn’s uniform profile, your personality and brand can be presented through the site. When someone finds you, that person will have an instant visual representation of who you are.

Serves with an instant portfolio:

People are visual, so the more you can show (instead of counting), the better. Your resume might say that you “built a company blog that has 15,000 committed readers,” but with your personal website, you can take a person directly to the blog and show why you are the right client and what sets your work apart. By presenting your work, your personal page can act as a digital portfolio of your work and online identity.

You point the recruiters in the right direction:

While not all companies admit to using social media as part of their selection process, many use it informally (and let’s face it, managers and others who are part of the decision-making process also do their own research). So consider this: if a recruiter sees your resume and tries to find you on LinkedIn or Facebook, you may get lost among the other professionals who share your name or similar profile. However, if you have a personal website that aggregates your various networks, you take away all the difficulties for businesses to find you online.

By creating a good site optimized for Google, it will be easy for users to get to your profile using the most popular tool search in the world. Currently, mobile access is very relevant, so your website must be created in a way that is responsive and can be viewed from different screens, such as computers, phones and tablets.

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