7 Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Kenya

Updated on 2024/03/23– Kenya is one among the many countries that value education so much that it has become a way to success. Way from when a kid joins kindergarten, he or she is told that education is the key!

This does not end here; I have realized that so many people are yearning for higher levels of education as this becoming more of a necessity in this era.

A master’s degree program will take most of your time and resources and one must be sure of what he or she wants to gain after the whole program.

Is it going to be of benefit or not? Is the degree opening up more lucrative job opportunities? Will the master’s degree make a difference in you or your life?

To start us off just know that a Master student possesses different resources and tools to grow both professionally and personally, with this noted, there are various advantages of studying for a master’s degree.

Benefits of Master’s Degree

1. Access to higher job opportunities and positions

Having more expertise (besides having proper certification) makes you much more attractive to the best jobs available.

It is now common that when we want to gain high positions at work (or externally to apply to a company or internally through promotions within the same workplace) we go for a master’s degree.

A master’s will not only give us skills learned in school but will help us to have a better work performance.

2. Increases the number of professional contacts

Having contacts with who is who in society is one of the main assets of a master’s degree holder. Pursuing this degree will enable you to meet up and network with people from different fields of life.

Most people who get this specialization (Master’s Degree) generally occupy strategic positions in different sectors of the economy.

They are your friends that you interacted with while at the University. This network of friends are of benefit in your future career.

3. Development of critical thinking and consciousness

Definitely during the entire period of study (where knowledge is more theoretical) you get exposed to different case studies which make students develop critical thinking and level of consciousness, this will give you a more objective view of things.

4. Specialization

This is core and the main reason for anyone intending to pursue a master’s degree. This will enable you pursue a career choice that you are really passionate about.

Generally master’s degree allows the person to specialize in a particular field or industry, it is possible to “revive” their career when acquiring specialized knowledge acquired through their master’s degree.

This makes the person stand out from his/her competitors because their knowledge and attitudes are of superior quality.

5. Prestige

This point is not only associated with the study institution, but is also related to the positive and professional image that projects a professional who has chosen to specialize in a particular area or branch.

Anyone who is studying a MA is associated with a person who is improving daily and of a higher social class. Do you have anyone in particular whom you associate with a master’s degree?

6. Access to tools and professional resources

This relates to the institution of study, usually different universities offer a range of benefits and features such as access to a virtual library, specialized software, computer equipment, access to sports facilities and leisure etc.

7. Development of teamwork skills

Any master’s degree course usually places a lot of emphasis on teamwork and peer interaction, usually emphasized in the development of these skills because they are essential for the implementation of various projects in the workplace.

Most classes are conducted by various groups of students who are normally supervised by the lecturers. This means that teamwork is involved in the research process.

Teamwork is a great skill when it comes to the job market as it helps one interact with other people in a better way.

These are just a few of the plethora of benefits of undertaking a master’s degree, be it locally or online, the list is not yet finished but If you know of other advantages over the study a master’s degree, you can share them we take a look at them critically.

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