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Adspace Africa has made outdoor advertisement a whole lot easier. Any company with a service or product to sell must have a marketing strategy in mind. Marketing is a whole topic by itself but it plays a vital role of ensuring the product or the company is recognized by the public and the ultimate goal is to monetize that publicity by selling the product or service.

That said, there are various strategies that a company can choose from while marketing their products. This is mainly determined by the budget or type of service or product.

Advertising is a crucial component of marketing. This component of marketing helps to create publicity around a product. In the modern era, new ways of advertisement like the internet have proved to be highly effective.

Even so, some conventional methods of advertisement like outdoor advertisements are still relevant. They include billboards, posters and outdoor screens that we often see along major roads or places with many people.

How Outdoor Adspace advertising works

Remember what they say? Out of sight is out of mind! Billboards work the reverse. Always in sight always in Minds.  They play a very great role by creating an appeal for a product. Each time you pass by a billboard and gaze at it day1, day2, day3, by day4, you will have known the product and even probably researched about it on the net if you are interested in it.

Adspace Africa

This is where major companies like Adspace Africa come in. they are responsible for creating an outdoor space for you and printing a captivating banner for your ad. Traditionally, it was hard to get a space in a prime space since there was no platform where one could book for space in advance.

However, Adspace Africa in partnership with Belva Digital has created a platform that will simplify things. The platform will allow advertisers to book a space online as well as allow vendors to list their inventory online.

That way, advertisers can search for preferred sites on the online platform, add to their media plan and confirm bookings online. Vendors will also be able to upload their inventory, monitor bookings, and track revenue.

About Adspace Africa

Speaking to the press, the Co-founder of Adspace Africa, Fred Kithinzi said. “We want to make the process of booking outdoor sites as easy as sending an email. We are not stopping there though, we are working to automate site monitoring and integrate with analytics to quantify ROI for outdoor marketing.”

They also added that the main aim of the platform is to bring vendors and advertisers together in a seamless manner that allows for easier booking and selling of outdoor spaces. The platform will generate revenue on a commission basis where 3% will be charged per booking via the platform. The platform can be accessed here

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