Airtel Money Charges 2020

In this article, we will check how airtel money charges in 2020 across networks.

Airtel is officially known as Bharti Airtel Limited. It’s a global telecommunication services company with its head office in Delhi, India.

Currently, this firm operates in 18 countries across Africa, Channel Islands, and South Asia. In Kenya, Airtel is the main competitor for Safaricom Plc. Just like Safaricom Mpesa, Airtel also has a money transfer service called Airtel money.

Airtel Money Charges, What about it?

Registering to begin using this service is as easy as snapping one’s fingers. All one needs is an airtel sim card and a National identification card or even passport.

With this in mind, pay a visit to either an Airtel shop or any Airtel agent shop. The agent in the shop may help you fill the registration details.

After the registration is successful, you will receive an Sms with a default pin that you need to change from the airtel menu on your phone. All this process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Moreover, one is not charged to register for airtel money. One may only be charged to buy an Airtel sim card.  The sim card roughly costs around Ksh.100.

Airtel Money Charges 2020

It’s worth noting that Airtel money charges relatively cheaper as compared with Mpesa charges. Here is how the cost of a transaction looks like:

MinimumMaximumTransfer To All NetworksWithdrawal from Airtel Money Agent


Moreover, it’s worth to note that apart from offering Airtel money services alone, Airtel also provides Lipa Na Airtel services.

Lipa Na Airtel Services

If you want to buy goods and pay for services from merchants that have the pay bill number. It is effortless to do so. All that you need is the Till number for the merchant.

One can either decide to use the shortcode *222# or go to the Airtel money tab on your phone.

How to transfer money from Airtel Money to Mpesa

We live in the age of the internet interoperability whereby one can transfer money from one mobile money platform to another.

To transfer money from Airtel Money to Mpesa, one needs to follow the following procedure:

  • On your phone, dial *222#
  • Select the option to send money
  • Then select send to Mpesa
  • Enter the recipients Safaricom number
  • Input the amount
  • Confirm all the details for this transaction to make sure you make no mistake
  • Input your pin
  • press okay
  • Once this is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email that your transaction has been approved.

The best aspect of using Airtel money is that one can send money to other international countries. Take, for instance, if you have an Airtel money account in Kenya, you can be able to send money to Rwanda.

To do, please follow these steps:

  • Go to *222#
  • Click on send money and then select international money transfer
  •  Select Rwanda and go ahead and input the Mobile number for the counterpart in Rwanda
  • Put the amount that you would wish to send to the other person
  • Confirm all the details and then key in your pin
  • Finally, select the reason for transfer and then select send

Conclusion on Airtel Money Charges

Remember that it’s always safe to handle liquid money.

Please try out Airtel Money today and tell us about your experience

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