Ajira Digital Kenya: How to join and make money online


Welcome to Ajira Digital Kenya, where you will learn various ways of earning from the internet. The future lies on the internet. However, to be among those that will leap the fruits of being internet literate; you have to leverage some internet skills.

To put things into perspective, the internet does not make things easy; it only provides new opportunities that you could tap into. So to prepare you physiologically, internet jobs require as much dedication as a regular gig and sometimes even more.

Ajira Digital Kenya

While some internet gurus are self-taught, it helps to have an expert showing you what works and what doesn’t. I am an example of those that had to drool for a while before understanding how everything works. Time is of the essence people, so make sure you have someone to guide you.

Ajira Digital Kenya is a program that was launched by the ministry of information communication and technology (ICT) under the cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru.

This program is geared towards equipping youths with internet skills as a way of combating the increasing case of unemployment in the country. The internet virtually has unlimited opportunities for almost everyone if leverages in the right direction.

Ajira Kenya offers essential training on how to make money online in Kenya from the comfort of your room.

Joining Ajira Digital Kenya for training

If you are a Kenyan university student serious about making it in life at a young age, you should be thinking of a way to generate you some income instead of depending on your HELB to party and live a Porsche life you cannot otherwise finance by yourself.

You may be in for a shock if you still believe in the social hoop that we grew up knowing- go to school, get a degree, get a job and have a good life happily ever after- I will be the first to take the stage and tell you that things don’t work like that anymore.

Ajira Digital Kenya

It is the high time that our university students started looking at the university, not just like a higher education institution, but as a platform to network, learn new skills and hopefully live off the skills they learned.

Ajira Digital Kenya is one such platform that helps you attain online money making skills through coaching and guidance by experts.

Several students are joining the platform so you should book for space early enough when the program is announced. Keep in mind that training is offered on a first come, first served basis.

How to Register for Ajira Digital Kenya training

  • Visit the official Ajira Digital website and click: Enroll
  • Create an Account to log in
  • Complete your profile information
  • Book your training session
  • Select the County and Training centre that is nearest to you
  • Then Click on Continue
  • Select the class you are interested in attending (check the start and end dates).
  • Keep in mind that you are only required to book one Ajira Digital class at a time.
  • Book a class
  • Ajira Digital will send you an email with your booking information and joining requirements
  • Print the joining requirements as you will need to present them to be allowed to attend any training sessions.
  • You will be notified via email when Ajira training sessions are available near you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ajira Digital Kenya

  1. What is the location of the Ajira Digital Training?

Answer: When registering, you will be required to indicate the training centres that are near your location.

  1. How long does Ajira Digital Training take?

Answer: The training takes one week, and you will receive a certificate after training.

  1. What is the fee/charges/cost of training?

Answer: Ajira Digital training is free. You will, however, cater for your transport to and from. Meals and accommodation are free, so you don’t have to be worried if you live far from the location of training.

  1. What does the Ajira email “I am on the waiting list” mean?

Answer: Be patient, as there are no spaces available for training. You will be notified when spaces are open

  1. What are the qualifications of joining the Ajira Kenya Digital training?

Answer: No much requirements like certificates. What’s needed is just necessary computer skills, internet connection, and a laptop/pc.

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