Are there Countries I can travel to without a Visa?

Are there Countries I can travel to without a visa? Yes, there are countries that a Kenyan citizen ca travel to without acquiring a visa. This is a complete list of all those countries that you can travel to with only your passport. We will explore what these countries are known for and what you can enjoy there when you visit. Moreover, these countries vary from dream vacation destinations to nations with flourishing economies. Once you go through this list, you will be spoilt for choice the next time you want to travel.

Countries Kenyans can try to with only their passport

Here is a complete list of the countries you can travel to with only your passport.

Visa Free countries in America


Panama is one of the visa-free travel destinations. It is a country found in America that acts as the crossroad for Americans. It a beautiful travel destination that is rich with beautiful beaches and hoards of activities to take part in. If you would like to go Kayaking, or even sit somewhere to watch the birds. You can do all this and many more when you travel to Panama. You can stay in Panama without a Visa for 180 days.

Are there Countries I can travel to without a Visa?
Panama City – Panama


Jamaica is a country in North America that is famously known for its reggae music. When you visit Jamaica, you will be assured to enjoy warm sunny days along the white sandy beaches. Bob Marley the world’s famous reggae artist who is celebrated to date hails from Jamaica. Get to enjoy the diverse scenery as you enjoy some jerk chicken meat and delicious Jamaican patties.

Jamaica Golf Resort – Jamaica


Barbadoes is a country found in the Carribean island that is fondly known as Land of flying fish. Fish comprises the main dish for the people living on this Island. If you are a Kenyan from the lakeside. Here is a beautiful place to travel to with only your passport. Moreover, this country produces one of the most famous rums in the whole world- Mount Gay Rum.

Mount Gay Rum – Barbadoes

St Vincent & the Grenadines

Another travel destination where you only need your Kenyan passport to travel to. At the moment, we do not have the specified number of days that you could stay in this country. It’s just a few kilometers from Barbadoes. With only 8 of its 32 islands being the only ones that are inhabited. You are meant to enjoy an adventure in this country. Its staple food is breadfruit and jackfish. Its sandy beaches come in all colors, black, white and gold.

Found Island beach at St Vincent & the Grenadines


Grenada is another Caribean Island that a Kenyan can travel to for free. This island is known as the spice island where you could visit to shop for spices. If you are a food tourist or aspire to be one, try visiting Grenada. At least you will not have to go through the lengthy process of applying for a Visa. Tourists touring this country love visiting the underwater sculpture park which could be accessed by snorkeling.

St. Georges Grenada

Trinidad & Tobago

Located on the South part of the West Indies, these are twin Islands. This country is well known for its stable economy and therefore a good place to travel for business. Well known for a fusion of Indian and African culture, it is very common to experience Diwali and carnival celebrations. Steel pans also come from this part of the world. You could visit for business at Trinand and head down for a vacation at Tobago. All in all this place is beautiful. Moreover, these two Islands are well known for their beautifully crafted buildings.

Trinidad Memorial Light at Trinand


Haiti is a Carribean country that is well known for its breathtaking beaches. At the moment, tourism is the main economic contributor in this country. However, most of us know Haiti for the catastrophic things that have happened to this country such as the 2009 earthquake. However, Haiti is also home to gorgeous mountains some of which are surrounded by water. Hence emphasizing the need why a Kenyan should visit this place as there is no Visa required.

Labadee Haiti


Dominica still located in the Carribean is known for its lush green vegetation due to its rain forests. Moreover, Dominica is home to the second-largest boiling lake in the world. This lake is well known for its health benefits of healing the whole body. The famous victoria falls are found on this Island as well. Additionally, just like the other Carribean Islands, Dominica has its own festivals too. Just visit them and enjoy what it means to live a little. A Kenyan without a visa can stay in Domica for 21 days. Which is just enough to explore this Island.

Roseau – the capital city of Dominica

Antigua & Barbuda

This one of the most prosperous islands in the Carribean. As a result, it is well known for its business and offshore accounts. More like the country where all greedy politicians go to hide their money. Never the less, this is a beautiful Island with enchanting beaches and kind people. This island is sandwiched between Dominican and Trinidad and Tobago. With its kind of beauty and a flourishing economy, a tourist might pay a little bit more on this Island than in the others above.

Are there Countries I can travel to without a Visa
Antigua Guatemala

Visa Free Countries in Oceania

Oceania is a geographic region comprising of islands in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Here is a list of Islands you can visit with only a Kenyan passport.


This nation has a population of over 100,000 people who speak a variety of languages including English. This country is very remote and as a result, receives very few visitors in a year. However, it is very beautiful with its sandy beaches. However, this country city is the capital city of divers. Each year, there are ships bringing in visitors to dive as they look at the largest shipwreck in history which happened during world war II. Micronesia is another beautiful island you can travel to without a Visa.

Dolphin at Palau beach Micronesia


Kiribati is another country found in the Oceania region. Its economy is weak as this island majorly depends on export of coconuts and copra. In 2018, there are reports that Kiribati would disappear because of global warming. You can stay in Kiribati for 90 days upon entry without the need for a Visa. When you visit, you will enjoy the beautiful beach.

Are there Countries I can travel to without a Visa


Vanuata is listed as the third happiest country in the world. Its people are happy and kind and speak mostly English. Just like the other three countries in the Oceania region, this country is least visited. One of the major reasons for it might be because its citizens practiced Cannibalism until recently. I mean who would want to travel for a vacation only to be eaten? However, Vanuatu is the country that first invented Bungee Jumping. If this is your favorite sport, head down there and let Vanuatu’s show you how it’s done!

Are there Countries I can travel to without a Visa
Rumbia Fruit found in Vanuatu

Asian Countries that require a Kenyan passport only for entry


We’ve all heard about the Malaysian airplane that went missing and has not been found to date. However, despite this, Malaysia is a beautiful country majorly known by the rest of the world because of its capital city. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. For most business people, a business and financial power hub. Apart from business, Malaysia is a good place to visit to have fun and enjoy learning a bit of history from its many UNESCO heritage sites. Get to be driven across meandering roads in Penang as you go sunbathing on the beach. Malaysia is, therefore, a perfect destination to travel without a Visa if you are Kenya.

Kuala Lumpur City in Malaysia


Who would not like to visit the cleanest city in the world? Even better you can visit this city with a Kenyan passport only! This country is very small compared to some major cities in the world. Moreover, Singapore is the land for all shopping lovers. This city-country has some of the largest malls in the world selling luxury and comfort goods. Moreover, as you head there to shop, you will land the most spectacular airport in the world! Changi Airport is the best, with flower gardens, a swimming pool, and even a free cinema. Who would not want to land in an airport like this?

Garden by the bay Singapore


This is another visa-free country to travel to if you possess a Kenyan passport. The Philippines is the largest exporter of nurses all over the world. On top of this, this country comprises more than 7,000 islands for you to explore. As a result, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Get to enjoy wide varieties of fruit while visiting the Philippines. Where else to travel if not to Philipines and venture into the undiscovered Islands? The best news, you can stay there for up to three months!

An Island in the Philippines

Hong Kong

A hub for international businesses and investment is what Hong Kong is known for. Moreover, it is also a cosmopolitan city that is full of culture and rich with history. On top of being able to conduct business efficiently in Hong Kong, it is also a good destination to do some shopping. Have you always wanted to visit Disney land? here is your chance. Head to Hong Kong and take the whole family with you for some fun. While there make sure to visit Ocean Park, another theme park with wild animals and everything. A Kenyan can travel to Hong Kong without need for a visa and stay for 90 days. Just get your finances together and head there for an adventure of a lifetime.

Hong Kong


Indonesia is a fascinating country that has over a thousand islands making it up. All over the world, it is known as the country with the most active volcanoes. Moreover, while there, you will get to see mountain fire. Did you know that your favorite noodle brand Indomie is from Indonesia? Now you know if you didn’t. More reason why you can just head down there and enjoy it from the source. Head down to the land of Indomie when you have some time. Making it one of the best countries to travel to without a visa.
Indomie in Indonesia

 African countries that a Kenyan can travel to without a visa

Coming closer home, here is a list of African countries that you can travel to without a Visa.

The Gambia







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