Best 25+ Restaurants in Mombasa 2020

Besides the blue ocean and being a vacation paradise, Mombasa city offers the best food and delicacies. In this article, we focus on the best restaurants in Mombasa in 2020. There is a restaurant for anyone in Mombasa, whether you would like to enjoy some local cuisines or venture into well-acclaimed international dishes. On landing at Mombasa, your tastebuds will be tingling as you smell mouth water dishes. If you would like to discover the top best restaurants in Mombasa, then keep reading. We will unhide all the hidden gems in this article.

Top Restaurants in Mombasa

We are going to group the best restaurants in Mombasa based on five categories. Which are:

  1. Cheap eats
  2. Fine dining
  3. Moderately priced restaurants
  4. Local cuisines
  5. Romantic spots

Cheap eats

If you are conscious about how much you spend on food, these are the best restaurants to visit while Mombasa in 2020. You will get to enjoy delicious meals without breaking your bank. However, it is important to note that the environment may be quite different.

  • Arbe’s Shawarma and fries

Arbe’s Shawarma and Fries is a fast food restaurant located at Kisauni Mombasa that arguably serves the best Sharwama in Mombasa. Head to this little nice place in Mombasa and enjoy great service and finger liking fries.

Fries at Arbe’s
  • Bon Appetit Restaurant

This restaurant is located along Moi avenue in Mombasa. It serves African food as well as Indian cuisines and it has been lauded as the best cheap eats restaurant serving the best pilau. However, please note that it is a fast-food restaurant. Therefore if you carried your bad habits into your vacation, your cravings will be quenched here.

Indian Cuisine at Bon Apetit restaurant
  • Millos Pizza Mombasa

As the name suggests, at this restaurant, you will get to enjoy the best Pizza in Mombasa. If you like your pizza with a thin crust, then this is definitely the place. To add to this, their service turnaround time is very fast. Moreover, their juice is fresh another reason why you should just order some Millos pizza while in Mombasa in 2020. There is also the option of ordering your Pizza for delivery. Therefore if you are in Mombasa with a large group, you don’t have to hassle your way to this restaurant as with only a phone call, you can have your Pizza.

Pizza at Milo’s Pizza restaurant
  • 10 street Restaurant

Located at Avenue building just behind the City mall in Mombasa. This restaurant is for anyone who loves their space as they heat. It is also sporty looking if this is also a requirement for you. The environment is quite serene and calm to let you savor your meal without distractions. Moreover, the most recommended dish by frequenters here is their chicken breast.

  • African pot Dishes

African pot dishes restaurant is here for everyone who decides to eat only African dishes during their visit to Mombasa. They will serve you a wide variety of dishes from our beloved Kenyan meals to exquisite West African dishes. Moreover, when you visit, you will be able to get World Class services at record time while enjoying beautiful sceneries. it is located along Serena beach hotel road in Shanzu, Mombasa.

A West African dish to be served at African dishes
  • Jahazi coffee house

If you find yourself at the old town in Mombasa, then Jahazi coffee house is a definite restaurant to try out in Mombasa. At this restaurant, you will get to enjoy local delicacies like Mahamri as you chat with the locals. ‘Kahawa tungu’ from Jahazi Coffee house comes highly recommended for the coffee lovers and enthusiasts. If you value history, Jahazi coffee house is also one of the oldest restaurants in Mombasa Old town that have stood the test of time. For book lovers, you can enjoy your cup of coffee as you peruse a book from their upstairs library.

  • Tayo House Restaurant

There are not enough words to describe this gem found in Nyali in Mombasa. By itself, this place is an enchanting beauty with great ambiance and decorations in the inside. On top of all this, it serves quality food at an affordable rate. Hence making it to the list of cheap eats in Mombasa. It serves both African and international cuisines. Therefore, you have no reason not to try out Tayo House Restaurant while in Nyali.

  • New Chetna Restaurant

New Chetna Restaurant is found along Haile Sellasie road in Mombasa. It is quite famous for its authentic Gujarat dishes. If you do not know what this dish is, just know you will find some samosa as well as bhajia as part of it. Offering you great value for money as the service is quite a heap. Do not overlook visiting this restaurant while in Mombasa in 2020 and beyond.

Dhokla – Gujarat Cuisine

Restaurants to Enjoy Fine dining in Mombasa 2020

  • Zubi Dubi Restaurant

Zubi Dubi restaurant – the name sounds like something out of the ordinary. This is exactly what it offers to its customers. This restaurant is beautifully decorated, with great ambiance. The sitting area is also well spaced, therefore, you don’t have to fear that your conversations will be overheard. If a fine dining experience is all you seek in Mombasa, Zubi Dubi restaurant will offer you just this! Good food, friendly staff, and impeccable quality are all you will experience here!

Best 25+ restaurants to visit in Mombasa
Zubi dubi restaurant
  • Misono Restaurant

Located along Links Road in Nyali, Mombasa, Misono restaurant offers you a world-class dining experience. Some of the main cuisines that this restaurant specializes in include; Asian, Japanese, sushi as well as seafood. Mostly lauded because of its tasty Japanese cuisine, try Misono restaurant out the next time you are in Mombasa.

  • Tamarind Mombasa

An awesome restaurant also found in Nyali in Mombasa. You are guaranteed to have a stunning view as you dine on your delicious meal. If you have never tried a lobster, try visiting Tamarind and ordering it, you will be amazed by what you have been missing. Everyone at Tamarind is warm, polite and Kind. The ambiance is just the right one as you need it. Tamarind is the best restaurant in Mombasa that you cannot regret visiting while in Mombasa. Moreover, this restaurant seems to have very good traction meaning that with time they have been able to refine their offerings.

Tamarind Restaurant
  • The Jahazi Grill

The Jahazi Grill is a sea restaurant of its kind in Mombasa. Offering you amazing views, delicious food as well as fabulous ambiance. It will not matter how much weight you might have on your shoulders, this place will make you relaxed instantly. It’s a beautiful gem tucked away at the end of Serena by the beach. Get to watch the waves rise and fall as you sip your drink.

  • Imani dhow restaurant

Imani Dhow restaurant is where your expectations are exceeded. This is a four-star dhow restaurant offering you the best of sea cuisines. I highly recommended that you visit this fine dining experience restaurant during the evening. You will get to see the sunset, sip your cocktail as you wait for your order to be ready. Imani dhow is a dhow that never moves located at Bamburi beach Mombasa. As a result, making it to the list of top 25+ restaurants in Mombasa in 2020.

Imani Dhow restaurant by Ghetty images

Moderately Priced Restaurants in Mombasa

Here is a list of some of the moderately priced restaurants in Mombasa for those of us who can pay a little more for a beautiful dining experience.

  • Yul’s restaurant

Located just by the beach, this restaurant offers you an opportunity to dine in a calmly relaxing environment. Visit this place to feast your eyes to an incredible sea view as you eat your mouth-watering seafood meal. Moreover, enjoy one of the most famous Yul’s desert, homemade icecream. However, if you are able to, please book a table early as it gets quite busy and you may miss a spot. In addition to this, there have been some negative reviews on terms of the music played and an occasional rude staff.  The food is heavenly though, and that’s what matters for now!

Best 25+ restaurants to visit in Mombasa
A delicious meal at Yul’s

Cafesserie Mombasa

This restaurant offers you the best of international cuisines with a local twist. Located on the ground floor of Nyali mall in Mombasa. It offers you the best of anything you would want to eat or drink. Good Coffee, a cold drink, pizza, burger, humus name them all. Do not be frightened by its name, this is one of the best restaurants in Mombasa to visit in 2020. This beautiful heavenly place is opened every day from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm. Cafesserie cafe is the secret that everyone knows, when you find yourself in Mombasa, please head to this place and enjoy a delicious meal.

Beefsteak and Mashed potatoes at Cafesserie Mombasa
  • Sea Haven

As the name suggests, this is that place where you get to enjoy delicious seafood in a gorgeous setting. It is located along Mombasa – Malindi road. Moreover, as this restaurant is by the sea, you are bound to enjoy some amazing views of the ocean as you enjoy your meal. The food served is amazing with excellent customer care. Therefore, if you would like to spend some time with yourself enjoying a good meal, please visit the sea haven.

Best 25+ restaurants to visit in Mombasa
Sea haven – beachfront area
  • Pavillions restaurant

Pavillion restaurant offers you good food cooked to perfection. At the moment, this restaurant serves the best buffet in town. This restaurant is housed by the Sarova white sands hotel. It is the main dining place while staying at the Sarova white sands. Here you get amazing views and excellent service.

Pavillions restaurant Mombasa
  • The Fort Seafood Restaurant and Pizzeria

This restaurant serves the best seafood in town. It is located just across Fort Jesus one of the places you cannot miss visiting while in Mombasa. Here you will find courteous staff who are at your service always. More to specializing in seafood cuisine, the Fort seafood restaurant and Pizzeria also serves other types of cuisines to cater to all its clients. You can make reservations through their website so as to avoid inconveniences. It is one of the best restaurants to visit in this best 25+ restaurants in Mombasa.

The Fort Seafood Restaurant
  • La Veranda Restaurant

If you ever find yourself in Mombasa and would like to eat out, Le Veranda restaurant is the place for you! They serve the best Italian dishes. Service here is top-notch and wait time is minimal. Located just behind Shoprite, where former Nakumatt was located. However, there are some not so good reviews about having unfriendly staff. However, not to dismiss that they may be there, but it is just a drop in the ocean compared to the positive reviews about their food.

  • Shehnai Restaurant

Shehnai restaurant located at Muungano street at Mombasa CBD is the best Indian food restaurant in Mombasa. When you visit them, you will experience fresh and mouth-watering dishes, all made with love. Just for you! Once you visit them, you will be able to enjoy sumptuously prepared meals that will leave your appetite high for more. Please note that it is always closed on Mondays, but you could head down there any other day!

Delicious food at Shehnai restaurant
  • Blue Room restaurant

This restaurant is located in the CBD and it is a good place to drop by for a quick lunch or snack while there. The ambiance is beautiful with very good deserts if you get to stay for it. Moreover, if you are a great fun of Masala chips, then theirs is delicious!

Local Cuisines Restaurants

  • Rozina Nyali restaurant

Rozina Nyali restaurant serves the best coastal cuisine. It is located along Nyali Road in Mombasa. It has been lauded as one of the best places to dine in while in Mombasa. Therefore making it to the list of the best restaurants in Mombasa in 2020. It is amazing how they have their hearts poured in every meal they serve. Please note that the cost of food here could be as much as Ksh.5,000.

Roast beef at Rozina restaurant
  • Tarboush Cafe

For the best Swahili dishes while in Mombasa, Tarboush Cafe is the place for you. It is a very nice restaurant that is family-friendly. Get to enjoy the best biryani in town at an affordable price. However, this cafe recently has been receiving some negative reviews from customers. Is everything all right?

  • Mikaye restaurant

Just like the other two restaurants above, Mikaye restaurant offers delicious swahili as well as local cuisines. For instance, they serve ‘mbuzi ulaya’ among other delicacies. The prices are affordable and as a result, it might get really full at times. It is a nice little place located along links road in Nyali. Try them out if and when you find yourself in this area.

Best 25+ restaurants to visit in Mombasa
Local cuisine at Mikaye restaurant

Romantic spots

Tamarind Dhow

Tamarind Dhow is a traditional dhow that sails across the ocean. This restaurant serves you food on the move as you enjoy watching the sunset and ocean views. who would not love to go out sailing with the love of their life as the sun blesses their union and the moon becomes a witness? Enjoy a lobster dinner as you sip the most heavenly cocktails. If Tamarind dhow is not the most romantic place, then I don’t know where else.

Dinner at Tamarind Dhow











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