Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya to Visit in 2020

If you are eager for your own African experience, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Kenya, ready for exploration.

The country is steeped in history, lauded with abundant natural beauty, and renowned for refining its rustic ambiance and refined elegance.

The fascinating places are treasured for their beauty, and they offer unmatched opportunities to unwind and relax in the African style; thus making Kenya a beautiful country to visit.

List of Tourist Attractions Sites in Kenya

Here are fascinating places that prove Kenya is a beautiful country

Nairobi National Park

A mere 15-minute drive from the clamour of Kenya’s capital, you can gaze at a snoozing pride of lions or a graceful giraffe strutting through the golden grass at Nairobi National Park.

Visiting this wildlife-rich park is one of the top things to do if you’re staying in Nairobi, and it makes a rewarding day trip – especially if you can’t make it to one of the more significant game reserves.

All the classic safari stars here, including buffalo, leopards, zebras, wildebeest, hippos, elephants, and cheetah, and you can also see some of the planet’s most endangered species at the park’s rhino sanctuary.

The Nairobi Safari Walk provides a rewarding opportunity to spot wildlife on foot, and birders will be happy to know that more than 400 species of birds also inhabit the park, including the beautiful grey-crowned crane.

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Masai Mara National Reserve

This is the best place to get close to the wild! If you want to see wildlife up-close and personal, Masaai Mara is a great safari destination for that.

The National Reserve is teeming with the ‘Big 5’ and other unusual animal species. Nature, incredible wildlife and picturesque landscape can all be found here.

Its natural beauty keeps guests returning every year.

Tourist attractions in Kenya: Lamu Island

The small island of Lamu, northeast of Mombasa, oozes old-world charm.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lamu Old Town is Kenya’s oldest continually inhabited settlement with origins dating back to the 12th century.

Architectural features from the Arab world, Europe, and India are evident, yet with a discernible Swahili technique.

Intricately carved wooden doors, coral stone buildings, hidden courtyards, verandas, and rooftop patios are standard features.

Visiting here is like stepping back in time. Dhows plow the harbor, few if any motorized vehicles exist here, and donkeys still rule the streets as they have done for centuries.

Top attractions on the island include Lamu Museum, with displays on Swahili culture and the region’s nautical history; Lamu Fort; and the Donkey Sanctuary.

Mount Kenya National Park

In the Central Highlands, east of the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing the country’s namesake highest mountain at 5,199 meters and providing the rare sight of equatorial snow.

Formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, Mount Kenya is comprised of three glacier-cloaked peaks. The highest is Batian, although Nelion, the next highest, is a tougher climb.

The lowest peak, Lenana, is considered the most straightforward climb, although unpredictable weather can pose challenges.

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The scenery varies from glaciers, lakes, and mineral springs to alpine forest and dense pockets of bamboo. The diversity of flora and fauna provides rewarding opportunities for safaris.

Among the wildlife here, you may spot black and white colobus monkeys, buffalo, elephant, tree hyrax, leopard, and hyena.

Nestled in the foothills, the famous Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is a luxury retreat with trout fishing, golf, and tennis.

Tourist attractions in Kenya

Arabuko Sokoke Forest

North of Mombasa is the coastal forest of Arabuko Sokoke.

This fascinating forest wilderness is nestled beside the beaches of Watamu, just minutes from the waters of the Indian Ocean.

But enter the forest and discover a world apart from the beaches and reefs. In this 400 sq km reserve, there is an untold wealth of natural beauty.

The air is filled with butterflies and birds, the trees alive with monkeys and the forest floor home to many smaller mammals.

The forest stretches to the headwaters of the mighty Sabaki river, and occasionally herds of elephant pass through the woods en route to the river.

Tourist attractions in Kenya

Tourist attractions in Kenya: Aberdare Forest

The Aberdares are the third highest range of mountains in Kenya, reaching a summit of just over 4000m.

This massive range is well known for its thick salient forests, and their prolific game. Moorlands and plains break these high altitude forests, and through the abundant tree cover, there are sensational views of the Rift Valley and the peak of Mt Kenya.

The forest is a hidden world of wildlife. The thick vegetation provides the perfect cover for countless species.

Hell’s Gate National Park

A hot spot for climbers, Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the few parks in Kenya that allows camping and enables you to explore on foot or bicycle.

Hell’s Gate offers excellent climbing and hiking opportunities, with two extinct volcanoes; the red cliffs of Hell’s Gate Gorge; ObsidianCaves; and the pointed column of rock known as Fischer’s Tower, an ancient volcanic plug.

Geothermal features include hot springs and natural geysers hissing steam through vents in the earth’s crust.

The park also protects a wide variety of wildlife, including leopards; baboons; hartebeest; eland; ostriches; gazelles; and more than 100 species of birds, as well as eagle and vulture breeding grounds.

Tourist attractions in Kenya


Kenya’s second-largest city and biggest port, Mombasa is a multicultural tourist magnet.

Coral reefs fringe the coast for 480 kilometers providing fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities, especially at Mombasa Marine National Park and around Wasini Island.

Dolphin watching and deep-sea fishing are also popular.

This being a coastal hub, it is crammed with attractions including Mombasa Go-Karts, cinemas, sports, and different varieties of restaurants.

North of the city, Nyali and Bamburi Beaches are favourites, while the white strands of Shelly, Tiwi, and Diani Beaches are favourite spots south of Mombasa.

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