Top Night clubs in Bamburi in 2020

This article is all about the lovers of the nightlife visiting Bamburi. It will outline the top night clubs in Bamburi in 2020. We will first describe the criteria used to rank the club as we all have different preferences as to what we would like our favorite night clubs to have. Bamburi town is found in Mombasa city one of the hottest holiday destinations in Kenya. The service business can be considered pricey in Mombasa. However, Bamburi presents a mix of both high end and low-cost night clubs.

The best Night Clubs in Bamburi

Lets now look at those good clubs in Bamburi in 2020.

Z lounge Bamburi

It tops the list of the top Night clubs in Bamburi in 2020. This is a beautifully decorated club that exhibits great decorum by first sight. The club plays good music and serves delicious dishes to its patron. As a result, it ranks among the top night clubs to visit while in Bamburi. Whether you enjoy outdoor sitting and drinking area or you would rather be inside, they have these options for you.

A drink at Z club

Moonshine Beach bar

The moonshine beach bar is everything that you would want in a bar. It has excellent decor with spectacular lighting, it’s patrons are just the right type, (classy and elegant). Moreover, on trip advisory, it has been ranked as one of the best places to enjoy your drink. In addition to all this, you will get to enjoy magnificent views of the moon at night.

Sky Lounge Bamburi

This is one of the flashiest clubs in Bamburi, Mombasa in 2020. It is sprawled over 2 stories and it serves both the young and the old at the same time. Their space is well designed to make you feel relaxed and calm. The sky lounge is notoriously famous for bringing expensive artists and Dj’s to play at their bar. As a result, explaining the huge number of people it attracts.

Shots bar

Shots bar has been reviewed by most of its frequenters as a five-star bar that gets better with time as fine wine. It is well known for its exceptionally engaging Dj’s who always leave the crowd energized and ready to party. Shots bar has an excellent parking area for its patrons. Therefore, one does not have to worry about the safety of their vehicle. This is one good factor that sets them apart from the other clubs.

A drink at Shots bar

Samba Sports bar

If you love the bar just to watch the game, then the Samba sports bar is the place. It has big screens located conveniently to ensure that the patrons get great views. You will be served with your favorite soft drink or even a hard drink at a good price. If Nyama Choma is a thing for you, they serve savory roast meat. All that matters is how loaded you are and cravings you have for the day. Hence club Samba sports bar is one of the top night clubs in Bamburi in 2020.

Mint Lounge

A relatively new entrant at Bamburi. Mint lounge has brought in an interesting twist to entertainment in Bamburi. It is well known in Mombasa as well as Bamburi as the ultimate place to visit when you want to have a good time with friends. What’s more, is that Dj Kalonje plays here every Sunday. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy a good mix of music from the best deejay in the country head to Mint Lounge.

Club the Place Bamburi

This is the ultimate night club in Bamburi to visit when you feel like dancing. The club is meticulously designed to ensure that there is enough floor area for you to shake your body. Moreover, thrilling Dj’s play every now and then. The club also has exciting offers going on all year long! Hence making it to the best Night clubs in Bamburi. Club the place Bamburi is the place to always be.

Dancing at Club the place Bamburi

What makes a top night club in Bamburi?

I asked my friends to rank a number of factors that they considered made a good night club. Here are some of the top factors that they would consider a top night club to have. These factors include:

  1. An excellent sound system

A good sound system should be perfectly tuned to ensure that even when the volume is all turned up, it does not hurt ears. Some clubs may ignore this fact and instead choose to play music from tiny subwoofers.

2. Clean floors

Most of the people enjoy visiting night clubs to let themselves dance a little. A bar with a dirty floor is a safety hazard to the patrons. A top night club, therefore, has to have clean floors.

3. Impressive Lighting

It is always fun to have lights dancing on your face. The more unique the light pattern is, the higher it ranks among the top clubs in a given town.

4. The decor on point

All we do these days is for the glam. If someone is paying triple the price of a bottle of beer in the supermarket, there is a need to make the place count. Decor that allows the partner to be able to take an Instagram worthy picture is a plus for you.

5. Interactive deejays / live music

Most of the clubs have adopted employing disk jockeys to entertain the patrons on certain days. As a result, you will find out that all clubs have Dj’s playing. However, one thing that sets a club apart is having an interactive Dj. A Dj who can be able to involve the crowd and not make it feel like a one-man show. A key thing to note is that the live band should play songs that matter to the patrons.

6. Enough dancing space

A little space to shake and move a little is good to have in any top night club anywhere. There some people that show up only to dance and they should be accommodated.

These traits informed how we ranked the top night clubs in Bamburi as presented above.




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