BlackBerry Key one Features and Specs

BlackBerry Key One has tried all kinds of interesting stuff in recent years with their hardware kind. They have tried hiding the keyboard, having a square phone with other kinds of stuff, but this one definitely brings it back to the classic blackberry.

BlackBerry revived their smartphone game with the BlackBerry key one, bringing it back up at par with everyone else, they have maintained the same Blackberry’s physical keyboard that we all know and love. Today, we’ll look at the five most interesting things that BlackBerry did it right with the key one model.

BlackBerry Key one Top Feature

The Fingerprint Scanner

So, kicking things off with my personal favorite feature, BlackBerry included a fingerprint scanner on this device. BlackBerry prides themselves on security so much, it is completely unreasonable that their previous physical keyboard smartphones have not been featured with a fingerprint scanner, this is a huge step in the right direction, what is even better is that the fingerprint scanner is very reliable and accurate.

The fingerprint scanner is also kind of hard to tell its physical location on the phone. This makes the phone unique compared to others. The fingerprint scanner is situated on the space bar, and since the space bar is also clickable, it works really fine by just pressing down on the space bar it seamlessly unlocks the phone.


Incorporating USB C, definitely shows the forward-thinking ideology BlackBerry had when designing the key one, with the USB C being a reversible port and usable for lots of different devices, this makes the phone convenient and we pretty much expect every device on the market to run on USB C in the near future.

Build Quality and the Overall Design

The build, the quality, and design of BlackBerry Key One are surprisingly great, at first, I thought that the silver on the black theme was just absolutely crazy, but they did a really good job, this phone distinguishes itself from literally everything else on the market.

The weight feels really good on this smartphone, it is slightly heavier than most of the other flagships you might be using, which to make, this phone feels really solid and reliable as you will expect a blackberry smartphone.

I also think that cutting off the screen at the bottom to include the keyboard was a very good choice for this device, it takes us back to BlackBerry’s roots. This design is great for productivity.

Advanced Customization

This one is relatively trivial, BlackBerry Key One comes with the amazing feature that allows you to launch any app and a bunch of other functions, by just pressing any button on the keyboard while you are on the home screen. This obviously takes the idea of home screen shortcuts to the next level and it is super convenient.

If you love the physical keyboard, you probably do not want to touch the screen too often, so this feature can be handy. The BlackBerry Key One has so many options for shortcuts and this completely removes the hassle of having to find a specific app whenever you need it.

The inclusion of the dedicated customizable button on the side is a hallmark of the true Blackberry phones and it is super useful, here, once again you can set this to whatever you want.

The BlackBerry Key One Battery Life

Since this smartphone is pushing weaker specs than some of the flagships we know, it means that it is drawing less power all of the time. You are able to get an amazing battery life out of this device to the point where you can even go for two full days without a full charge if you are careful with your usage. This is, of course, a huge game-changer, if battery life is what you want, it really doesn’t get better than this phone.

Lastly, the screen resolution of this amazing phone Full HD rather than quad HD and it is also small in size because of the keyboard which once again contributes to that awesome battery life. This isn’t a phone for media consumption and gaming but it still actually does fairly well. You can check out the full specifications and other features here.

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