Case Study: $1400 With Kenya Traffic

I live in an African country, our life is challenging. It is difficult to find a job and earn money for food and home. Also, I’m a father of two kids and I want to give them a better life.

I know I’m not the only one who wants to escape poverty. Maybe my experience motivate you and help to earn some dollars ๐Ÿ˜‰

In January my friend invites me to join the Adsterra ad network and he shows me how to work.

What is it all about? I ask. Ads on the websites? But I don’t have a website!

He tells me it is simple. I need to create a landing page and put the ad codes there. Then I bring traffic from Facebook. Users click on the ads and I earn money.

I don’t need to be an SEO specialist and promote websites in search engines.

First of all, I need a landing page. But I have no money for a website. Also, I don’t know how to create websites. I need something to place my ad codes, so I register in the link-sharing service (I also try and They are made to share links on Instagram. You create an account, upload an avatar, and create buttons with URL. I google for some sexy girl for my avatar and made a catchy account.

Instead of links to Instagram, I place my Adsterra direct link codes. And when a user decides to click the button and see some nudes, he is redirected to the ads.

That is how looks from inside with buttons and my codes:

I borrow some small money from my friend and launch an ad campaign on Facebook to bring traffic. And I already return him all money and even have more for me and my family. The results are good, I earn more than I spend.

How to launch an ad campaign on Facebook you can read here:

You need to choose traffic as your target. Just follow guide step by step it’s simple.

My advice: thumbnails with a play button and light erotic context collect more clicks.

But the chance to be banned by Facebook is higher

On average for every $1 I spend I earn $1.5. In March I already invest about $930 and earn 1420, which means I have 490 pure profit.

In my country, it is very good! And I’m working only 3-4 hours per day. So I spend more time with my children.

Please help me to earn and use my referral link to register in Adsterra

Try yourself, it’s easy.

Makori Mwangi
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