Cheap Thrills: Travel ‘Without’ Money.

Is it possible to travel without money? As I pose this question to you, I am also trying to rationalize the idea. I have traveled around the country but my travels have never been about me, but about a task, I am to accomplish.

First things first, traveling is awesome. It allows you to gain beautiful memories which you save for the future. Meeting new people, experiencing a new culture, and even learning a new language are all perks of traveling. We might not have the money to buy everything we want; however, through travels, we bring the world into ourselves.

Being In Travel

I love long distance travels. They are an opportunity for me to experience solitude. In those moments, I have ample time to think deeply about my life; about the things I want and those, I don’t want. Time is presented to me when I can focus on self without developing any feelings of guilt.

Traveling Is Therapy

We are all born in one corner of the world, but I believe our souls are home anywhere in the world. The whole world is our home; take up traveling today, it will change your thinking and your life.

To me, traveling is therapeutic; it rejuvenates, it informs and it enriches.

Your Investment

So you have made a decision to travel far and wide; within and without your country. However, money seems to be an issue, as it always is. How do you get to meet your kin from all over the world if you can’t afford the traveling expenses?

Travelling need one to be financially prepared. Your destination determines the amount of money you will require to support you all through. It is almost impossible to travel without money but you can find a way to be minimalist with your spending as you travel.

Tips To Travelling On A Budget

  1. Save. There is no better way to fund your travel than through your personal savings. I must confess that saving isn’t for the ‘weak’ as it requires so much discipline. Reading ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ has taught me that not even willpower can lead you to save religiously. It is a desire to accumulate wealth that will push you.
  2. Plan. Without a plan, most things fail. Spontaneity is a funny thing when it comes to travel, but only when you have the resources at your disposal. If you don’t have that luxury, you definitely need to draw up a plan. Decide on a destination, the number of days you will spend there and confirm how much you will need for living expenses for your stay. This way, you avoid detours.
  3. Travel during low seasons; for each destination, you pick, research to learn when it will be ‘shoulder season’. During this time hotels and airlines have lowered their rates. Travelling during peak seasons is very expensive and will be against your need to stick to your low budget.
  4. Get your hands dirty. This is what I mean, trade the expensive hotel room for a tent or a cheaper hotel room on the outskirts of the city. This will not only save you money but might give you an opportunity to experience the true nature of a place by interacting with its inhabitants.
  5. Pack properly to avoid unnecessary purchases. This goes back to proper prior planning, it will save you money.
  6. If you’re traveling by air, book flights in advance. Opt to travel midweek as airline prices are always ‘cheaper’ then than during the weekends. Fly economy too.

In the end, what matters most is the type of experience you get where you will be. Take time to travel; it is an experience that will live with you forever.

Cheers 🙂

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