20 Coolest Hotel Lodges in Kenya

This is an article highlighting the top coolest hotel lodges in Kenya in 2020. If you love getaways, then this will be your guide to accessing the best lodges in Kenya.

The good news is, we had ranked them as reviewed by you, who gave them a rating when you visited. And of course, based on our experiences when we visited some of them. We will get into details on their location, charges and the best time to book your visit.

List of beautiful lodges in Kenya

These are the top lodges in Kenya as of 2020:

1. Ololo Safari Lodge

Ololo safari lodge is one of the top coolest hotels lodges in Kenya in 2020. This beautiful lodge is located at the banks of River Mbagathi at the North border of Nairobi national park. When staying at Ololo lodge, you get to enjoy wildlife while coexisting in their habitat.

What’s more, to get to the park, you have to pass through the park. Its rooms are tastefully designed to make you feel at home. Moreover, visitors enjoy the views of the Ngong hills and experience farm life. Soak in the beauty of nature without leaving the city. A two-night stay at the Ololo Safari Lodge will cost you Ksh 59,077 at their standard room. However, if you would like to stay in the queen room, you have to part with a lot more.

Credits: Naitrends Ololo Safari Lodge

2. Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge is found in the heart of the Chulyu hills in between two national parks. That is Amboseli National park and Tsavo East National park.

Here is where the beauty of nature lies in this cool lodge found in Makueni county. In the morning, you are greeted by the majestic views of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Let’s say the views from your bedroom will be both breathtaking and majestic.

Moreover, there are many activities to take part in while staying at this lodge. For instance, you could horse ride across the park. If biking is your thing, you could also bike across the Chulyu hills. What’s more beautiful than watching the elephants drink at the nearest waterhole in your suite.

This lodge has a 4.5 rating in travel start. I am giving you more reasons why you should visit soon.

Top coolest hotel lodges in Kenya
Ol Donyo Lodge

3. The Ark Lodge

The Ark Lodge is another very cool hotel lodge in Kenya. Just like the first 2, it is located within a national park. Thereby offering you exclusive views to the Aberdare National Park. Just like its name, this lodge is built to resemble Noah’s ark as we read in bible stories.

Moreover, it is located near a water hole and salt lick where wild animals in all shapes and sizes come to quench their thirst. Furthermore, the ark has various viewing decks to ensure that you do not miss any unique animal when it comes to drinking water. Unlike the other two lodges, a stay in this place for two nights will cost you around Ksh. 26,324.

The Ark Lodge

4. Solio Lodge

Solio Lodge is located in a private wildlife sanctuary for breeding Rhinos known all over the world. Located near Nanyuki, apart from having to see magnificent wildlife, one will also experience the majestic Mount Kenya, towering above you.

There is a wide range of activities which one could participate in while staying here as well. Ranging from early morning horse rides, mountain biking, spotting wild cats while on a safari or even trout fishing in the park. If your dream is to stay in a private lounge with scenic views of impala’s and Zebra’s grazing nearby, then this is the place.

Top coolest hotel lodges in Kenya
Credits: Tripadvisor

5. Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

For those of us who would rather travel North of Kenya to relax. There is something luxurious for you in the North.

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge is located at the Shaba game reserve in Samburu. This high-end hotel lodge offers you tastefully furnished rooms that ooze of the Samburu culture. Natural springs are God’s way of bringing healing into your body through a water experience.

Dive right into one straight from your master bedroom. Enjoy unbeatable discounts to fly you and your loved ones to Samburu and take in the beauty of original beauty. Get to enjoy your meal and sip champagne by the river banks of Ewaso Nyiro river. Perhaps you could even sing along to Boney’s song by the rivers of Babylon!

Top Coolest hotel Lodges in Kenya
Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

6. Sanctuary Olonana

We’ve all heard of Masaai Mara National park and about the Wildebeest migration.

Sanctuary Olonana is the lodge to stay at when you go to witness this magnificent wonder of the world. Located along the Mara River, enjoy living in one of the 14 suites in this lodge. Moreover, this lodge is easily accessible as it’s only 45 minutes flight from Nairobi.

Get to hear the water rushing beside you as you sip your drink on the balcony or take a nap.  This lodge is an excellent place to relax and forget about your sorrows for a while. Additionally, Sanctuary Olonana allows you to enjoy both morning and afternoon game drives.

Top coolest hotel lodges in Kenya
Sanctuary Olonana

7. Mara Engai Lodge

Mara Engai is an exceptional lodge offering extraordinary services to Safari enthusiasts. Its located at Siria escarpment overlooking Masaai Mara. If you feel like its about time to take that break, then this place will do you justice.

At Mara Engai, you will get to enjoy the serenity of the wild as you take game drives in Mara to Serengeti. Moreover, this is the first Lodge in this list to get a 5-star rating in its review. Emphasising the reason why it is important to pass by and stay here.

All year long, Mara Engai offers its clients great offers for an opportunity in a lifetime to stay with them. Mara Engai Lodge is another top cool hotel lodge in Kenya.

Mara Engai

8. Tawi Lodge

If you have never been to the South of Kenya, here is an opportunity for you to venture South to Tawi Lodge.

This beautiful hotel lodge in Kenya is located only 5 minutes from Amboseli National park. Get to enjoy majestic views of Mout Kilimanjaro which will be your backdrop during your stay at Tawi. Unlike other Lodges that are located in fertile rainy plains.

Tawi Lodge is located in an oasis. Would you like to know more about our indigenous trees and plants? Then Tawi lodge is that place to get to enjoy this. Some sip your drink as you watch elephants bathe with mud beside you. Moreover, get to stay at one of their 13 luxurious cottages.

Top coolest hotel lodges in Kenya
Tawi Lodge

9. Ashnil Aruba Lodge

Located at the heart of Tsavo East National park, Ashnil Aruba hotel lodge exists to offer you the best value for your money.

Enjoy some recreational activities such as fishing at the Aruba dam. The rooms are decorated in an authentic African style serving as a constant reminder that you are enjoying a safari in Africa.

Spend some time watching animals as they come to drink at the dam and other watering holes. The hotel also serves delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Ashnil Aruba Lodge

10. Amboseli Serena Lodge

This hotel was designed to fulfil the African dream of living in the wild. Amboseli Serena Lodge is built overlooking the Mount Kilimanjaro. If you have always dreamt of enjoying a bush dinner, Amboseli Serena lodge delivers this dream.

Additionally, enjoy thrilling safari excursions across Amboseli National park. Amboseli Serena Lodge is part of the Serena hotels one of the best hotels to dine in Nairobi. The dining experience at Amboseli Serena is therefore divine.

11. Manda Bay Lodge

Manda Bay Lodge is a perfect escape for couples, families and even honeymooners. This cool boutique lodge is located in Lamu Island. It’s an isle of peace by itself, offering you some quiet time to kick back and relax.

At the moment, this lodge is offering a special rate for its visitors. This super deal is for one to stay for four nights and pay for three nights only. All that one has to pay is $288 per adult sharing and $210 per child.

If you have some time, head down there for a time of your life before the deal expires. It’s important to note that this price includes full board accommodation, non-motorized activities as well as WIFI and laundry.

According to reviews of travellers who have stayed at Manda bay, it is a piece of heaven on earth. With friendly staff, delicious food and amazing views of the ocean.

12. Chui Lodge

This beautiful lodge is built just above Lake Naivasha in a private wildlife sanctuary known as Oserengoni. One of the best things about this sanctuary is that it is very private.

It only has eight ensuite luxury cottages, and you are meant to take in as much beauty from the indigenous forest as you can.

Some of the activities that you get to enjoy include; a boat ride, a game drive as well as a bush dinner and breakfast. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see some leopards and hyenas. Moreover, you will get to enjoy great Paranomic views of the high excellent rift valley at Chui Lodge.

Chui Lodge Rates

Below are Chui Lodge Resident Rates:

Sunday to Thursday Friday and Saturday
4TH Jan – 31st Dec 2020 19,545/- PPS 22,440/- PPS
Bush Breakfast at Chui Lodge

13. Maasai Lodge

Maasai Lodge is set in Nairobi overlooking the Nairobi National park. The lodge has balconies with views of a river that flows nearby. It is not unusual to see wild animals roaming near this lodge.

Each room in this lodge is fitted with a TV, private bathroom and air conditioning unit. It has been said to be a little paradise in the middle of Nairobi. Therefore, it is worth paying a visit. The staff that you will find here are exceptional and always willing to help. For the best price guarantee, book Maasai Lodge for your stay in Nairobi.

Swimming Pool at Maasai Lodge

14. Sunbird Lodge Elementaita

This cool Lodge is located near Lake Elementaita in the Great Rift Valley region. Sunbird Lodge offers luxurious accommodation in its 14 suites and its available all year for booking. Since the lodge does not provide any transportation yet, visitors are treated to walking safaris.

Sunbird Lodge

15. Ziwa Bush Lodge

Located in Nakuru, Ziwa Bush Lodge is a natural beauty and a gem to treasure. It’s traditionally built in a busy area, taking you to the good old days, when life was simple. Near Ziwa Bush Lodge, there is a human-made dam that offers one an opportunity to fish for some tilapia.

Moreover, Ziwa bush lodge might be the only one in this area that offers babysitting services. When it comes to delicacies to enjoy, the lodge as a pizzeria, catering even for the vegetarians in the house, enjoy the natural beauty of staying in a quiet place away from all distractions. Therefore making it to the list of top coolest lodges in Kenya.

Top Coolest Lodges in Kenya
Ziwa Bush Lodge – The experience

17. Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

This is among the coolest lodges in Kenya in 2020. Rhino Watch Lodge is located in Central Kenya along Nyeri – Nyahururu road. It offers you peace and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, this lodge is surrounded by three national parks, serving as the best base to stay in a while at a safari. It overlooks the Magnificient Mount Kenya.

With each rising day, you will be able to see the mountain. In addition to all these, this lodge is family-style, making sure that you feel at home away from home. Come and enjoy the best that nature has to offer. The rates are pocket-friendly even though they might change from time to time. The price of staying at the chalet double room per person sharing is only Kes 9500 for residents. For more information on the rates, please check Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

Top Coolest Lodges in Kenya
Dining Area at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

18. Lake Nakuru Lodge

Lake Nakuru Lodge is located inside Nakuru National park offering its visitors an obstructed view of the wildlife from the comfort of their bedrooms. The lodge also has a spa as well as a swimming pool. Each morning, visitors treat themselves to a buffet breakfast before they begin their adventurous day. If you are the bold type, get to enjoy a bush barbeque with some wine. Moreover, there is an opportunity to bird watch just within the hotel premises. It is among the top coolest lodges in Kenya. What a better way to relax than this?

Lake Nakuru Lodge Grounds

19. Serena Mountain Lodge

Have you ever wanted to live above trees? Serena Mountain Lodge, the most refreshing lodge located within Mount Kenya Forest offers you this opportunity. From your room, get to see animals like elephants drinking water from the waterhole below.

The environment is quite serene with cosy rooms. Moreover, when you stay at Serena lodge, it is given that there will not be a dull moment as the lodge organises excursions and educative forest walks. At the moment, this hotel giving away exciting deals to stay with them. They a 10% off if you book for your Valentine’s day with them from only $ 156. Visit their page for more mind-blowing deals that you can not afford to miss.

Serena Mountain Lodge

20. Treetops Lodge

What a better way to close off this article than with the hotel that Queen Elizabeth II descended as a queen? Located at the Aberdare National Park, it is strategically placed to give you views of wild animals as they come to drink water and lick salt. This hotel is surrounded by natural trees, making it a part of nature. Drink yourself silly at the outdoor jungle bar as you plant a few trees and give back to society. You can’t afford to miss staying at this cool lodge.

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