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The Kenya School of Monetary studies is an Educational institution established in the Nineties. The main aim of its establishment was to be able to bridge the gap in knowledge among professionals working in financial institutions.

Some decades later, the school is still standing strong and offering world-class knowledge cutting across the service sector professionals.

Over time, the school has diversified and added the number of courses offered in it.  Further to this, it has also started offering other services such as capacity building for its customers.

Kenya School of Monetary Studies Courses

Here is a list of courses offered at the Kenya School of Monetary studies:

  1. Diploma in Business Sciences (Banking and Financial Services)
  2. Diploma in Business Sciences (Business Information Technology)
  3. Diploma in Business Sciences (Finance)
  4. Diploma in Business Sciences (Islamic Financial Services)
  5. Diploma in Business Sciences (Microfinance)
  6. Diploma in Business Sciences (Organizational Development)
  7. Master of Banking and Finance
  8. Masters of Economic Policy Analysis
  9. Masters of Finance
  10. Masters of Financial Economics
  11. Masters of Public Policy Analysis
  12. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Sciences
  13. Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management

We will begin by discussing the postgraduate programs first, then move on to the various diplomas in Business Science before discussing the multiple certificates offered.

Postgraduate Courses at KSMS

The school offers the following Postgraduate courses.

  1. Masters of Financial Economics – The program takes two years and requires one to be full time.
  2. Masters of Economic Policy Analysis – its duration is still two years. To apply one needs to visit the Kenya School of Monetary Studies website to download the application form.
  3. Masters of Finance – the qualification after undertaking this program are masters, its duration its two years still and the criteria are listed on the Website.
  4. Master of Banking and Finance – is the last Postgraduate program that the institution offers.

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Diploma in Business Programmer

The school offers the Diploma in Business Programmer in two main languages that are French and English.

Diploma programs take only two years when undertaken full time from the Kenya School of Monetary studies. Under the diploma programmer, there is a wide variety of courses that a student may decide to select from as listed below:

  • Diploma in Business Sciences (Banking and Financial Services)
  • Finance option in the Diploma in Business Studies
  • There is also a Diploma in Business Sciences (Islamic Financial Services)
  • In addition to the three choices above, they have in Business Sciences (Business Information Technology)
  • Business Sciences (Organizational Development)
  • Microfinance Business Sciences

Certifications offered at KSMS

The certificate courses offered range from a wide variety of them, and they are usually shorter than the Diploma and Postgraduate courses. Some of the certificate courses offered at the school include:

  1. Certificate in Banking and the financial institution provided in association with the Kenya Institute of Bankers (KiB)
  2. Certificate in Agricultural Finance (CAF)
  3. Regional Certificate in Securities and Trading (CSAT)

The school also has other shorter courses often referred to as clinics which mostly target Small and Medium scale business owners (SMEs) and entrepreneurs.

These clinics teach business owners the best ways to handle their finances in the most financially sound ways.  It is the business incubation centres that run with the clinics.

Why choose Kenya School of Monetary Studies

A great institution should offer an excellent learning environment for its students. The School provides a pleasant and conducive learning environment for its students.

Well-manicured gardens surround its learning areas. Its lecture halls have stood the test of time, and it also has one of the best libraries.

What’s more, you might ask? All its courses, both short term and professional, have been informed by its research centre.

This means that any course offered has a carefully crafted curriculum which will ensure that by the time one is done with the course, he or she is fully qualified.

The school is easily accessible as it is located off the Thika superhighway on Nordin Road, next to De la Rue.

Further to having well-crafted curriculums, Kenya School of Monetary Studies boasts of having networks with many reputable international organisations.

The organisations include UNDP, the University of Nairobi, the US Treasury, USAID, COMESA, and AFDB among other institutions. The networks that the school has developed with these institutions directly benefit its students.

The students benefit from being able to intern in most of the institutions listed above. Especially those that have their offices within Nairobi. All the structures that the school has put in place are aimed towards churning only the best among its admitted students.

The reasons above are sufficient enough for anyone to want to further their studies at the school. The Kenya School of Monetary Studies envisions itself as attracting world-class professionals for capacity building.

As a result of this, it has continually kept on improving its service delivery. The school has also made collaborations with other universities such as Moi University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology(JKUAT).

The Collaborations enable it to offer Postgraduate programs in addition to the other courses that it provides.

When in need of additional information regarding the courses offered by the college or any other need. Please feel free to contact them using the details provided below:

Kenya School of Monetary Studies
Nordin Road, Off Thika Super Highway
P.O. Box, 65041 – 00681, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 (020) 8646000
+254 727/733 600668
Email: [email protected]

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