Current Minimum Wage in Kenya 2020

What is the current minimum wage in Kenya in 2020? This might be the question in the minds of many Kenyan’s today.

As the economic conditions keep getting tough for both the employer and the employee.

The employees are left to wonder whether there might be any slight possibility for the government to raise the minimum wage.

What is the Current Minimum Wage in Kenya 2020?

Join me in today’s article as we look at the current minimum wage in Kenya, we will find out:

  • What is the definition of Minimum wage and whom does it apply to?
  • What is the current minimum wage in Kenya in 2020?
  • Factors that the wage council puts into consideration while setting the minimum wage
  • What if my employer does not comply?

Minimum Wage in Kenya – Definition of minimum wage & whom it apply to?

Minimum wage is defined as the lowest wage that an employer can pay an employee as defined by law. In Kenya, the minimum wage is regulated by the Labor institutions Act, 2007.

Each time there is a revision in the lowest wage, a wage order can be issued. Mostly this is done on or during labour day which happens on the 1st day of May each year.

It is worth noting that this minimum wage does not apply to everyone but to select workers.

Some of the workers whose salaries are governed by this include domestic workers, artisans, clerks, messengers, machine operators, storekeepers, telephone operators, receptionists as well as cashiers.

What is the current minimum wage in Kenya in 2020?

The current minimum wage in Kenya in 2020 is Ksh. 13, 572 exclusive of housing allowance.

However, it is worth noting that this wage varies from the cities to towns and as well as across job titles.

It is tough to mention minimum wage without outlining the work hours that a worker is expected to earn that much.

Most workers in Kenya will work for 45 hours a week. Eight hours from Monday to Friday and then 5 hours on Saturdays.

However, an employer might have local arrangements with his/her workers and offer to pay them overtime on top of their regular earnings.

Below is a table showing a change in Minimum wage in Kenya over the years.

Kenya Minimum Wages

Factors that the wage council puts into consideration while setting the minimum wage

A wage council is usually set up by the labour relations board, which is the body charged with the responsibility of advising the Cs of labour.

The wage council is made up of both the employer’s union and the workers union. Here are the factors that they will use to consider the minimum wage:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Economic conditions prevailing in the country at the time
  3. Operation of SME’s
  4. the ability of employers to carry out business after the increase

What if my employer does not comply?

If your employer does not comply, he is liable to a fine of less than Ksh 50,000 or to be imprisoned for a term not less than three months. Therefore, if your employer has not complied yet, take action.

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