List of the best Cities in Kenya in 2020

In this article, we will look at the list of the best cities in Kenya in 2020. We will list the cities as well as delve into details of the main attractions in each of these cities. Kenya is a country known for its Wildlife as well as beautiful beaches. However, there are not many people who can tell you about the main cities found here. Some of us may not know the history behind how and when the cities were founded. Join me as we delve into details about all this.

Top Cities in Kenya

Here is a list of the best cities in Kenya in 2020.

Mombasa City

Mombasa city is found along the Indian Ocean. In Kenya, it is the second-largest city. This city is well known as the tourism hub in Kenya. As a result, it has an international airport and a major port. The port is one of the main economic blocks in this city. As the goods received here are transported to other East African countries.

More to this, Mombasa Island has very many tourist attraction sites. As a result of its rich history, you will get many historical sites for you to tour. Such as the fort Jesus, explaining the struggle with the Portuguese. Its inhabitants are also diverse. You will find the Mijikenda, Swahili, the Muslim as well as people from inland towns in Kenya. The Akamba people have been known to reside in Mombasa in their numbers.

In addition to this, Mombasa city offers you an opportunity to experience life a calm and relaxed life. Get to visit the beautiful beaches as well as the historical sites and other major tourist attractions. Moreover, this city enables you to enjoy delicious cuisines. Whether you would like to try out a Lobster meal, drink madafu or even enjoy Wali wa nazi. You will be left licking your fingers as you ask for more.

This city is the headquarters for the Mombasa county. Hence it houses all the county institutions, ensuring quality service delivery. Its governor is Ali Hassan Joho- the Sultan himself. The good news is that there are many viable means of accessing Mombasa. You could get to Mombasa using a train, by road and even by air. Therefore, whenever you feel like its time to visit, select one of the many means available to make your dream come true. Moreover, explaining why Mombasa is among the best cities in Kenya.

Nyali beach in Mombasa

 Nairobi City

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. As a result, it is in the List of top best cities in Kenya. It is a metropolitan city with lots of places to visit and people to meet. At Nairobi, you will find anything that you seek. Ranging from some of the world’s best architectural designs to a National park and even some of the fortune 500 companies.

Moreover, Nairobi is the central power hub of the East African region. Most of the regional and International Offices are located in Nairobi. If you would like to acquire a visa to visit the US, the UK or even South Africa, Nairobi is where you get their embassies and  High commission offices.

In Addition to all this, in Nairobi, you will get world-class universities and institutions of higher learning. Whether you would like your child to study at a private university or even a public university. You will find all of them in Nairobi. From the University of Nairobi to United States International University to Utalii College. All these universities, you will find them in Nairobi.

This vibrant city has the best architectural designs in East Africa. These designs are as diverse as the people themselves. From Prisma looking buildings to skyscrapers defying gravity. Buildings in Nairobi represent an architectures’ wildest dreams coming to life.

We have the best restaurants as well as top coffee shops and amazing lodges which you could dine, meet friends casually and stay at as you watch the Nairobi skyline.

We have all the services like make living in a large city convenient. Ranging from food delivery restaurants, Online shops, digital taxi services as well as an efficient banking system.

List of the best Cities in Kenya
A building in Nairobi

Kisumu City

Kisumu City is the third-largest metropolitan city in Kenya. It is the only inland port city in Kenya as a result of the Lake Victoria. In the local dialect, Kisumu means barter trade. Kisumu boasts of having large open markets where trade happens throughout the year. Moreover, this city has top-notch accommodation in its hotels. Which provides the best hospitality in the region. Hence it had to appear on the List of the best Cities in Kenya

It is in Kisumu city where you will get delicious fish among other traditional foods. Kisumu has an airport which makes it easily accessible. If you would not like to travel to Kisumu by bus, then the flight is quite affordable. Moreover, this city has a national museum, a historical heritage site called Kit Mikayi as well as an animal orphanage. The main economic activity here is fishing.

In addition to this, Kisumu city houses some world-class universities such as the Maseno University, Ogiga Odinga University of science and technology. Some of the notable people in our Kenyan history who hail from Kisumu Include: Lupita Nyong’o – award-winning Holywood actress and Jaramogi Odinga – first vice president of Kenya.

List of the best Cities in Kenya
Kit Mikayi rock in Kisumu City
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