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Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day
We love our customers on wooden cork billboard with pins

We all know what today is, Valentine’s Day. Oh yeah, the time when the city is painted red. All things are so bloody red, it hurts the eye. Roses, dresses, lip color and accessories; all red. It might interest you to learn that pink is more romantic a color than red. Read more here.

On a day like this last year, I was set to do the first event on my own; yes, on Valentine’s day. Things happened that led it to not happen.

A week before that, I had had a series of meetings with people who were looking to sell the idea of appreciating customers on valentines day.

Customers’ Worth

Photo Credits, Google.

I was at a printing shop yesterday and the office rules were written on a plaque and hanged on the wall. Rule #1, The customer is always RIGHT.

We may debate about this especially if you are a creative designer but yes, the customer is always right. This I even picked from ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ (I hope that is the movie). Anyway, read why ‘The customer is always right’ notion is wrong, here.

Whether the customer is always right or not isn’t the issue here; how customers are appreciated is.

Poor Customer Service

I had a terrible experience yesterday with a salesman who thought the money we brought was more important than us the humans. How he spoke to my colleague and I was downright wrong. And I didn’t take it lying down, I called him out on his rudeness.

In a parallel situation, I saw a good friend share images of goodies prepared by her company or their customers. The packages were beautifully wrapped with a message saying, ‘We love you’. Such a message can lift you up when so low.


How often do companies appreciate their customers? Truth be told, it only happens when their are national/international days.

Why are companies so lazy to appreciate the same people who keep them in business? In my opinion, each company should have a ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ designed by their creative team.

Do not wait for the calendar to prompt you to show love to someone. Be proactive about it, do it now!



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