New Digital Ocean Pricing (2019)


DigitalOcean is a cloud platform focused on simplifying the complexities of infrastructure for software developers. Well, I share the new Digital Ocean Pricing Plans.

The company recently announced details of new Droplet pricing to deliver more memory, compute power and flexibility for customers at every price point. The new pricing is part of their 2018 roadmap which they unveiled last year in Jan.

New Digital Ocean Pricing Plan

Here is the new Digital Ocean Pricing Plan 2019

Source: Digital Ocean

To take advantage of the new plans will be easier for new users and new droplets created on Digital ocean. What about the existing droplets? Several users have asked this question.

NOTE: To start using Digital Ocean follow this link

Well, the answer is simple:

I had about 20 droplets each running on the $20 per month plan that comes to about $400 a month. This plan was straining my budget, and I was looking for alternative options. Last month I began combining websites on single Droplets to save money. But I couldn’t compromise on performance for the money.

So with Digital Ocean new plans, any user will jump for more Droplet power at the same price but not me.  I maintain the same Droplet power at a lower cost.

How to Use New Digital Ocean Plans on Existing Droplets

To use the new Digital Ocean plans, you have to resize the droplet in the following steps.

  1. Log onto Digital Ocean
  2. SSH to your droplet one after another
  3. Power it down (Sudo shutdown now for Ubuntu)
  4. Go to Digital Ocean Dashboard and select your droplet
  5. Choose Resize Droplet
  6. Select the equivalent of what you were using or lower (If you want to, you can go higher). If you created your droplet in the last year, you could go as low as $5 a month.
  7. Wait for the resize to complete and reboot your droplet.

Easy 🙂

Now you can enjoy more power at either the same price or reduced price; anyway, it is a win-win situation for you the Developer or Business Person.

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