Dynamo Tokens: How to Pay KPLC Bill via Mpesa

KPLC tokens can be very frustrating at times due to inconveniences caused by the delay. When Dynamo pawa was launched, they vowed to change this narrative but from what I have been observing lately, Dynamo Pawa as a company has outlived its purpose. When Dynamo Pawa was launched some time back, it promised Kenyans convenience when it came to purchasing KPLC tokens via M-Pesa.

For the better part of 2018, the company was delivering its promise until late 2018 when I started to receive tons of comments from my esteemed readers expressing their discontent towards Dynamo tokens. From the comments on this article, it is clear that Dynamo Pawa has relegated its promise to Kenyans.

Since I believe in giving people value, I have decided to eliminate Dynamo pawa from my list of convenient companies you could buy tokens from. From my experience, the fastest way of buying KPLC tokens today has been through the KPLC pay bill number 888880.

I stopped using Dynamo after I was frustrated just like you guys and the KPLC PAYBILL number 888880 has been my GO TO. Upon purchasing the token using the Paybill number 888880, KPLC sends the tokens almost immediately and the longest I have had to wait is 5 minutes.

Using this process, the user follows the normal procedure provided by Safaricom.

Buying Tokens Using PAYBILL 888880

  1. Open the Mpesa menu
  2. select the Lipa na Mpesa option
  3. Go to pay bills
  4. Enter 888880 as the business number
  5. Enter the meter number as the account number.
  6. The next step involves entering the amount of money followed by pin and confirmation. The user receives the tokens through a text message instantly after the purchase

How to Pay KPLC Bill via Mpesa

You can Purchase Kenya Power Prepaid Tokens by either using Mpesa or Airtel money. The procedure for purchasing tokens is the same for both subscribers.

Customers can now use the Paybill number 888880 to purchase tokens from The Power and Lighting Company.

Note: To find out your meter serial number, dial ‘100’ followed by the ‘Enter’ key on your Meter. The meter will display an 11-digit meter serial number.

How to Buy Kenya Power Prepaid Tokens using M-PESA

KPLC Mpesa Bill Payment through Mpesa or Airtel is like using your phone for normal activities. Once you are done with the process of purchasing, you will receive a message containing the amount of token you have requested for.

Here are the Steps for buying KPLC Prepaid tokens via MPesa.

  • Go to Mpesa menu and select PayBill
  • Enter the KPLC prepaid business number 888880 and press OK
  • Key In KPLC prepaid meter number as Account Number and press OK.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay between Ksh 50 and Ksh 35,000 and press Ok.
  • Input your M-PESA PIN and press OK
  • Confirm that all the details are correct and then press OK
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Mpesa immediately. Kenya Power will then generate a 20-digit token for your and send it to you via SMS. Tokens take some time to arrive due to unknown reasons.

How to Buy Prepaid Tokens via Airtel Money

  • Access the Airtel Money Menu on your Airtel phone.
  • Select Make payments  followed by PayBill
  • Select KPLC PrePaid
  • Enter the amount you wish to Pay and confirm details entered are correct
  • Enter your Airtel Money Pin number.
  • Under reference option, enter your full prepaid meter number.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Airtel, you will also receive a message from KPLC with 20-digit as your prepaid token in units.

Mpesa Bill Payment Procedure

  • From your Mpesa menu, select Paybill
  • Enter the KPLC business number 888 888.
  • Key In your full Kenya Power account number e.g. 98765-04 followed by the amount you wish to pay.
  • Enter your secret MPesa PIN and confirm that all the details entered are correct.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Mpesa immediately. It will take KPLC 48 hours to update your account.

You can do a bill inquiry to check KPLC bill online or through your mobile phone.

Other Methods of paying Electricity Bill

Cash Payment

Cash payments should be made at Kenya Power’s offices

ATM Payments

ATM payments are applicable to customers with accounts in Co-operative Bank, Postbank or Standard Chartered Bank. Electricity Bill Payments should be made through any of the banks’ Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).

Bank Payments

Electricity bills may also be paid by cash through appointed Co-operative Bank branches in Nairobi.,and any of the following additional bank branches countrywide.

  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Postbank
  • Barclays Bank of Kenya
  • Co-operative Bank
  • Standard Chartered

Cheque Payments

Cheques for Electricity bill payments should be deposited in designated cheque boxes in pay centers and at specific business premise appointed by Kenya Power to serve as drop-off points.

Bill Payment Through M-Banking

This service is only applicable to Co-operative Bank customers, who can use their mobile phone as an electricity bill payment point.

One needs to be registered with the bank for M-Banking service to be able to use the service. He/She must also register their Kenya Power account number with the bank.

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40 thoughts on “Dynamo Tokens: How to Pay KPLC Bill via Mpesa”

    • I bought token through Dynamo Digital Ltd for A/C no. 54600096777 on 9th Nov.
      Up to now have not received the equivalent tokens.The Mpesa confirmation no. MK95539#7B .
      Calling 0709279000 is waste of time and more airtime.

  1. i bought tokens yesterday in the evening and upto now i have not received th

    Kindly let me know the way forward .my account is 14103950268

  2. I bought tokens at 10am today. Still no tokens despite numerous calls which are unanswered. Where is the prompt tokens advertised by the company? What a shame!

  3. I also bought token 5hours ago through this thing called and up to now no feed back and when we contact customer care they tell us we contact dynamo and still no feed back whats not happening ama is it a conning business.

  4. MJO6FXUK8A Confirmed. Ksh100.00 sent to DYNAMO DIGITAL COMPANY LIMITED for account 37169274307 on 24/10/18 still no feedback what wrong

  5. Hi, i paid for tokens worth ksh 300/= on Monday 5th of November 2018
    through Mpesa confirmation code MK5OFEZ7 For Meter No 14286730891 but
    up now I’m yet to receive the tokens. (System response was that
    communication delays) pls work on it.

  6. i bought tokens yesterday morning and have not gotten them yet.you customer service lines are not going through.my account no.37171325360

  7. Enter your comment here…Hey…whats wrong, i bought tokens since morning and have not received them yet. Your customer service line are busy every time. My account no.14286239513

  8. Hey, I bought tokens for 1000/= on 7/12 and upto date haven’t received it. Please communicate because your numbers are not going through

  9. Hey.I bought token worth 300 today at 10am for MTR number 14228631488.up to now I’ve not received it.what’s the problem?

  10. Hi Dynamo, I purchased tokens this morning at around 6am for Account 37172222517 and no response till now. I have never waited this long….

  11. I bought token via dynamo yesterday of metre no: 22170945061 worth 400 and up to now I have not received them and to make matter worse the customer care no:is always busy

  12. No not true. Been waiting 4 days for my token. No help. MLF1JB76AN Confirmed. Ksh1,500.00 sent to DYNAMO DIGITAL COMPANYc LIMITED for account 14106643878v on 15/12/18 at 11:26 AM

  13. I lost the token number I purchased yesterday at around 9 pm, for Kshs. 100.My prepaid meter number is 37175702887 and my phone no. is 0721700554.Please help.

  14. I bought token yesterday at 1.00 pm and till now have not received. Meter No 14140640047 tel No. 0722995282
    What’s the problem?

  15. I bought token token on 23/12/18 at 1935hrs M-Pesa MLN7PU3PHR till now no response from Dynamo, what is the wayforward? A/C 37173781214 This is a total disappointment. 0702139129

  16. Dear Dynamo
    If you have only 1 person on duty since .
    7AM just shut down your company because you competency is over whelming:
    How can you request go through since 0937hrs in the morning I sent another one at 1700hrs and I still have to wait.
    I call you lines they spend over 200 of my credit.
    If I was given the option to think on behalf of you ad say you close whatever you running….

  17. I bought tokens worth ksh. 477 for meter number 22171165198 through my phone number 0745100010 on 24th December and up to today I haven’t received the tokens… .Plzz what’s the problem coz even when one calls you guys don’t pick up the calls….

  18. Dynamo you can be a real pain in the …. bought token on 23rd and until now you have not sent my token number. I have tried following up and all your customer care does is keeping me on hold for 30 minutes. My meter no: 14245697298.

  19. Am so disappointed,Dynamo used to be quick and efficient but it’s no more..I haven’t received my token meter no37169371426 since yesterday at midday… customer care just keeping me on hold??? what is wrong!

  20. Dynamo mmekua pyramid mnatuibia january mlaaniwe 5 days no response an ontop u kept me on hold 30Mnts using my credit 400 bob seriously

  21. Guys, beware, I smell a scam here. The number of unresolved token requests and the phone numbers that do not go through at all whatever time of day, are the ingredients of a scam. Once you cannot reconcile the tokens with the funds sent what do you think they’ll do with the excess cash? Someone’s smiling all the way to the ? somewhere….

  22. NBQ056OGCW Confirmed. Ksh500.00 sent to DYNAMO DIGITAL COMPANY LIMITED for account 54600696048 on 26/2/19 at 8:23 PM.
    Kindly send me my token which I purchased over 15 hours ago and still waiting.
    Why are your customer care department not answering my phone calls even when free?
    I have called five times totalling to over 40 minutes and nobody bothers to answer even when they are free. I have wasted my airtime following what I ought not to follow.
    Your team is not serious and this is Not the way to do business in a competitive environment

  23. Dynamo digital need to be probed, it’s a total disappointment, I bought tokens worth Ksh 100 on 24th January 2019 but no response. I’ve tried emails but haven’t succeed and the worst of all is their contacts. Mawakala wetu wote hawapatikani. Shame on them

  24. I bought tokens worth 1000/-for meter no 01450031784 through my phone no 0728143108 since last night up to date I haven’t received the tokens ,instead the message I received is the meter no is not registered what can I do am in darkness z


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