FABruary: What’s Hot In February.

It is that time of the year when we are still high from December’s celebrations; depressed by January’s length, and looking forward to February’s awesomeness. Everywhere I turn, there is someone lamenting about how long this month has been. Not to worry, February is bringing good tidings.

Popularly known as the month of love, February is when men are put to test. A test to prove how generous one is by how far they are willing to go to prove their financial muscle.

Love Struck

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Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.

It is my belief that cupid is pulling ‘all-nighters‘ at this time, this is so that he/she manages to give everyone a partner come February 14th.

Are you lonely? Are you tired of being single? Worry not, your partner is caught up somewhere in the pipes and cupid is busy unclogging them. Be sure that it’ll rain men/women on you: really soon.

Cupid doesn’t want to be caught unawares; planning is key at this stage.

Things To Do In February

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I believe in love, but I don’t believe in Valentine’s day. Not because I lack anything, but because I believe love should be expressed every day.

If you take a moment to read about the origin of Valentine’s day, you will be appalled. It isn’t all love, candy and kisses. Go ahead and read about it.

So, What Will I Be Doing?

I am excited about February; there is so much I hope to achieve. The books I anticipate to read, events I hope to attend and classes I can’t wait to join.

It is going to be a busy month for me. Like many others, you probably don’t know what you will do to fill up any extra time you have. Let me indulge you.

1.Centonomy 101 – This Personal Financial Management Course will show you a direct, concise and easy to follow the path towards wealth creation.

As a young adult, I want to take responsibility for my finances as early as now. This is the perfect way for me to do so.

I had planned to take this up last year, I procrastinated. Procrastination is going to cost me almost Ksh 10,000 more. Why not do it now?

For more information visit Centonomy.

2.African Woman Rising – Dada sphere is a bi-monthly event where brilliant African women share their lessons, passion and purpose through their stories.

The theme for our inaugural event will be African Woman Rising. Join us and let’s create a safe space to elevate each other.

Who wouldn’t want to go to this? Save the date and let this be your Valentine’s day treat! There will be a complimentary.

3.Feed A Child Photo Shoot – the first of its kind this year, Arianett Foundation is looking to raise funds to help in running its affairs.

This is going to be a fun-filled day; you will be dressed, there will be a make-up artist to do your make-up and a professional photographer to capture the best of you.

Go ahead and support this worthy cause and let’s meet there.

4.Born A Crime by Trevor Noah – I look forward to reading this book among a few others.

In Conclusion

This is how my February looks like. What about you? Order your priorities and know what you can do. Working and paying bills is good but is it great?

I, therefore, encourage you to invest in yourself. You are your own greatest reward.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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