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In this article, we are going to discuss one of the top medical insurance companies in Kenya.

In the previous section entitled the best medical insurance companies in Kenya, we touched on its medical cover options available. The First Assurance Company Limited offers more insurance cover options than only medical insurance.

First Assurance Company Products

There are two major products that this insurance company offers to its clients. These products are divided into two:

  1. Personal Products
  2. Corporate Products

Personal Products

Under this category, there are various insurance covers that First Assurance Company offers to its customers. It’s worth to note that these products vary from home insurance to bloodstock and pet. These products include:

  1. Home Insurance

This insurance product covers a wide range of assets within and around the home. Such as:

  • Assets in the house like Television Sets, Laptops, cookers
  • Injury or death of domestic workers
  • Occupiers and owners equity
  • Buildings
  • Risk items like jewellery
  • Any loss arising from earthquake, theft, lightning, Malicious damage and fire

2. Blood Stock and Pet

First Assurance recognizes the need to have your stock insured and hence the reason for this cover. It covers pets or animals that are kept by the insured against any loss that may arise from the following:

  • Electrocution
  • Floods, Earthquakes, Lightening and any other natural calamities
  • Fire
  • Strike and riot

3. Travel Cover

In case you love travelling, this is the cover is specially meant for you by First Assurance Limited. It will cover any emergency evacuations and also hospitalizations while abroad. Any legal assistance in case you run into trouble while outside. Sometimes one’s trip may be cancelled, and this too is covered in this cover. Additionally, any 24-hour assistance required and personal accidents.

4. Motor Insurance

There are various covers under this insurance cover. According to First Assurance Company Limited, it is essential to have a motor insurance cover. These covers include motor cover, motorcycle, Motor commercial general cartridge, and motor commercial own use.

5. Medical Insurance

The first Assurance company offers the best medical insurance covers in Kenya. Moreover, the best part of this cover is that it is quite affordable for even the common Mwananchi to take it. This cover ranges from Ksh. 100000 to Ksh. 5000000.

6. Political Violence and Terrorism

We all know that during elections, temperatures rise and people end up making irrational decisions that they may regret. It is for this reason that First assurance cover has an insurance option to cover any loss or damage of property arising from political sabotage. Moreover, its worth to note that this cover encompasses a wide range of features ranging from loss of profit, buildings, Machinery, stock, among others.

7. Marine Insurance

If you are a business person who imports or exports goods through the port, then this cover is the best for you. AtFirst Assurance Company Limited, Marine cover, covers the damage or even loss of property and cargo held between the pickup and destination point.

Corporate Insurance

In addition to the personal insurance covers listed above as offered by First Assurance Company Limited, there are also some corporate covers. These covers are meant for organizations that would like to indemnify loss or even damage to property.

  1. Fire Loss

This cover indemnifies one against loss that may incur in case a fire occurs in a company. It will cover any damage that occurs due to industrial risks, and even go ahead and cover loss of property.

2. Business Man Combined

According to the recent findings, Small and medium enterprises are currently the most significant contributors to the economy. It is for this reason that the First Assurance company limited has a cover indemnifying all the risks that small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. Accident Covers

Sometimes accidents may occur when goods are in transit and therefore resulting in loss of property. To cover for these risks, First Assurance Company has a wide range of products under this cover. These include:

  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Group personal accident
  • Cash in transit
  • Burglary
  • Terrorism and Political Violence

4. Group Life Cover

Most companies these days compete to offer the best benefits packages to its employees. If your company would like to be the best employer in Kenya, then this is the kind of coverage that one should get for its employees. This Group life cover comes in various categories such as:

  • Group Last expense
  • Group credit Assurance policy
  • Life Assurance plan

5. Liabilities

Sometimes one may indemnify its company against liabilities such as product liability cover, professional responsibility, public liability as well as Employers liability.


First Assurance Insurance company has been in operation in Kenya for quite some time now. This means that over time it has created a base of clients and customers who are satisfied with the kind of services it offers. Therefore, if you would like to repay yourself either as an individual or company, then this is the insurance company for you.

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