New GOtv Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices (2020 Update)

Here is the complete list of GOtv Kenya Packages and prices for 2020. GOtv Kenya, also known as the home of African television, is one of the leading Digital TV service providers in Kenya.

GOtv Kenya Packages and prices guide

If you were late in paying the monthly subscription Charges and your Decoder fails to reactivate automatically, try one of the following methods to reactivate your Decoder.

You can activate your GOtv Kenya Decoder by sending an SMS with the word “Reset” to 22688 and waiting for their response or by dialing *423#  from your mobile phone and following the user prompts. Ensure your Decoder is powered on.

To activate GOtv Kenya online, Visit their website and log in using your surname or mobile number and IUC number on your Decoder as the password. Go to “Clear your error” Tab and select E16 and click on the ‘Reset device now’ tab.

Number of GOtv Packages

These are the four GOtv Kenya packages that are available to the various economic classes of Kenyan citizens across the country.

  1. Max Package for 42 channels of local and international entertainment.
  2. GOtv Plus package that offers 38 top-quality local and international channels
  3. GOtv Value for 28 channels and
  4. Lite package which provides 20 channels

This reduction in price must have been brought by stiff competition, which is occasioned by the presence of several players in the market, providing cheaper options.

And more so by a lower uptake from new and existing customers who felt that they were not getting value for money after the price increase.

At present, the price of a GOtv decoder and GOtv Antenna is at Ksh. 1,999. This starter kit comes with a free one-month GOtv Plus subscription.

A new subscriber gets to enjoy 43 local and international channels. After one month, the subscriber is free to choose the package that suits their viewership needs and pocket.

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New List of GOtv Kenya packages and prices

Below is a price table for the different GOtv Kenya Packages Prices:

PackageNumber of ChannelsPrice Ksh Monthly
GOtv Max491299.00
GOtv Plus40749.00
GOtv Value23499.00
GOtv Lite (Monthly)17260.00
GOtv Lite (annual)151500.00
GOtv Lite (Quarterly)16590.00

GOtv Kenya 2020 Channels List

Here is a full list of GOtv Kenya channels for GOtv Plus, GOtv Value, and GOtv Lite


GOtv Kenya Pay Bill Number

Those subscribed to the GOtv Plus have access to more channel categories than those subscribed to the other two. GOtv Lite package payment installment can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

GOtv offers various payment methods; payments can be made through M-Pesa (Business No: 423655), Airtel Money (Business name: GOtv), Visa Card, PesaPal, Craft Silicon, or through local banks.

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GOtv Kenya Eazy Self Service

GOtv provides an online platform dubbed “Easy Self service,” though it is still under development. Customers can manage their subscription, find nearest GOtv dealers, upgrade/downgrade a subscription, clear error codes, etc.

All this is done online anywhere. Offers customers the self-service option. This way, they can manage their subscriptions online.

How to Change GOtv Kenya Package

If you want to upgrade your GOtv subscription to GOtv Plus, SMS’ UPGRADE IUC NUMBER’ to 22688, or call customer care and request for an upgrade.

If you have not done so, here is a video of how to open your GOtv account and activate your channels, Enjoy.

How to Clear the GOtv Error E-16

GoTV Kenya scrapped away the Free to Air(FTA) subscription and replaced and replaced it with the GoTV Lite package, which is Ksh 555 billed quarterly (once every four months).

At one point, I was tired of this and decided to choose a different pay-tv service provider.

I remember I purchased a GOtv decoder and was told to pay a given amount, and then after a month or two, my Decoder will be automatically be converted to FTA.

Before I decided to ditch GOtv Kenya, I called them and was told that there is an option to turn my Decoder to FTA as they had given this option, instead of paying for what I did not need.

At first, I was told that I had only to pay the Ksh1,800 administration fee (I swear, I have no idea what this means), for my Decoder to be converted before I can begin watching free to air channels. The thing is that their staff is very reluctant to make the change, but I somehow managed to do it.

How to Convert your GOtv Kenya Decoder

Remember that, even after changing your GoTV decoder from pay-TV to FTA, that does not mean that you will stop paying for it.

It attracts a recurring fee of Ksh 1,800 every year, for purposes they can only describe as maintenance.

Nevertheless, I know many people are currently facing the same problem that I had some time back, and I would quickly try to help them using a method that worked for me.

In a few simple steps, you should have your GoTV Kenya decoder showing FTA channels, in a few hours.

Note that, Apart from local channels, the only other GoTv channels that you will receive are Faith TV, Islam TV, and GO Channel.

Before you convert your GOtv Kenya decoder, top up your making payments on the GOtv Kenya Paybill number- 423655. Ksh 1,800 to be exact.

Afterward, you can opt to use their self-care center by dialing *423# and following the voice prompts, or you can choose to call their customer care service on 0711-066-000.

If you only pay and fail to use any of the two options above to contact their customer care, your Decoder will not be converted.

Before you make the call, make sure that you have your IUC number, as it is essential to associate your account with the Decoder.

Converting your Decoder should be easy unless you find a customer care agent who is in a terrible mood. Within a short time, your Decoder will be showing free to air channels.

GOtv Kenya Self Help – Troubleshooting

Related: GOTV Customer Care contacts: Phone number for Errors E16, E-017


  1. Turn ON your Decoder before you Pay Your monthly subscription.
  2. Pay Extra amount like Ksh 10 on top of the Monthly Fee.
  3. In less than 5 minutes, your account should be updated. If still there is an error message after 10 minutes, try the following to clear error E16, E30, and E17

1st Method – Using USSD

  • Have your IUC number ready
  • Dial *423# on your phone and select GOtv service option
  • Select the Reset option and follow the message prompts

2nd Method – Using SMS Service

Send a message with your IUC number to 22688. E.g. “RESET

3rd Method – Using GOtv Eazy Self Service

Visit on your phone or computer browser, sign in using your Mobile number, and IUC Number.

4th Method – Call Customer Care

Call 0711 066 555 and follow the self-service prompt voice and guidance. If you have more bundles than Credit, Log into your Twitter account and tweet to @GOtvKenya. (Tweets have a much high response rate than any other methods).

If you happen to be a Facebook fan post on their Facebook page, don’t rest until your problem has been resolved.

Clearing the E-16 Error Message on GOTv Kenya Decoder

The E-16 error is usually a reception issue and not a payment issue. Check your aerial and adjust it to improve reception.

Some people, after converting their decoders to FTA, got an error message (E016-0 – Service is currently scrambled).

Clearing this message is straightforward. Just send an SMS with the word ‘RESET’ followed by a single space and then your IUC number to 22688.

For example, if your IUC number is 1234567, your SMS should look this way without the full stop: RESET 1234567.

Get in Touch

  1. My account no is 2017066696.

    I paid on 1st for the gotv plus and am enable to watch any channel.

    Its telling my decoder expired.

    Whats going on kindly assist

  2. Just surprised to see a number of channels listed above on Gotv plus like sonny max,almost all the super sport channels like 5,7,12,and 9 not working on this package and i always pay for it.
    Kindly advice what to do or are these pop up channels which i don’t usually see them pop up.


    • i usually pay for tv plus bt the only channels i can access is 5,9,16,93,95 and with alot of error codes i think gOtv Is not the best nowdays

  3. I normally pay ksh. 699 on 4th of every month. But today i got a text notification that i still need to top up 50 for my account ( 2017730655) to be reconnected. why?

    • I have been paying gotvplus but the signal for channels 30 31 32 33 is very weak from this month I will pay gotv value

  4. hi, I normally pay for the value pack at Ksh 470 now am being told to add Ksh 29!!! what is happening here? please advise, another thing am surprised to see the list of channels am supposed to be enjoying like Sony and Sony max of which am not able to access kindly advise on that too… my (IUC No. is 2015890476)

  5. have you increased your charges for gotv value from ksh.470.00 to ksh.499.00, got message from
    to pay ksh.499.00 for the month of April , kindly advise

  6. Hi

    I just paid for my gotv back in shagz and its not showing since yesterday.

    What could be the problem.

    My account no is 2017066696

  7. Hi, I have been paying for gotv light and I want to start paying for gotv maxi…..would you please send me the account no.for that. My iuc 2018677093

  8. Tafadhali Gotv, lower the prices plz. Why do you behave like this? instead of giving us some breathing space you sqeeze it so bardly. Though I’ve not intended to quit GOtv, but now it may come in my thought. Or is the 100 bob airtime your gave sometimes back. I think i’m ready to give you guys the a100 , so long as the previous rate stands.

  9. It is very annoying to just increase the charges out of the blues …and not inform the customers are you trying to be KPLC?

  10. So, the Gotv Plus package price has increased to 500 per month. Yet, the same BORING channels is what we are treated to! Maisha magic shows Vasrhita and Auntie boss for a whole afternoon! There is only one African channel which only shows Nigeria movies full of spiritualism. NOT even one movie channel included. For the same price on other decoders, i am sure i would find better entertainment.

  11. My decoder has not been showing any thing since 14/5/2018. My IUC 2017191793. What is the problem.

  12. have been paying sh.699 every manth but last month i got your message to top another sh.50……why??…… and yet i am not receiving other channel’s signal e.g suppersport 36….plz helep me….iuc no. 2018786924

  13. i have paid 699Kshs for the GoTv plus but am yet to see all the channels which are in this package.My IUC No is 2018955060

  14. Hi kev I have a problem since today morning I can’t access any channels I tho I haven’t paid cause on my screen it showed subscription expired ,I have topped up to 799 but the problem is the same ,so help me please access my favorite channels my IUC no is 2018573626 please I wi be great ful if you help.

  15. I have the same problem with the plus package. They always ask you to add another 49/- on top of 699/- Why were we not informed of the increased amount, and yet Sony, Sony Max and others are always scrambled!!!

  16. Iam not happy with gotv they ask you to pay and don’t get what you pay for, I guess I should look for another company

  17. Have played sh260 to my gotv account number 4624045340 bt it hasnt open any channel yet activate for me

  18. GoTv, r u a government project, squeezing every coin from us in wateva way u feel like? So not fair.

  19. 0711066000 Sharing ur grievances on this site wunt work,they dont give a dime for you concerns, to them its just business, call then, it is expenaive buh atleast ul talk to one of them, and share ur grievances. Somethng tells me they wunt even react.Go tv nowdays is worse than kplc, mara the ariel keeps losing signal, packages wth less chanels than they r suposd to have, increasd prices for no reason, if any of u is reading this just know tht u guys suck. Am done wth gotv

  20. Victor Ombati Makori I used to pay 699 but last month I was told to pay 749 which I paid this month on 16 th have paid 749 but all am seeing is error codes , can you plz do something about it and through the comments am seeing you loosing it somewhere. that game has to stop

  21. i paid 470 this months subscription and didint get sony max,sony,nat geo,geo family,viasat life…kindly update the prices and channels cz everytime i call you give different stories…am just tired of complaining plz

  22. My account is 2017140817. I am on GTV PLUS but in June 2018 I was charged 749/- then in July 2018 I was charged 1,299/-. I wonder why? Was there an increase of subscription fee? I am now thinking of switching off GTV and moving to a better service provider. Please sort out by: 1.) Refund of overpaid amounts 50/- + 600/- = 650/- 2.) Correcting the situation so that I can now pay the normal 699/-.

  23. Am Wilfred, my GoTv decoder has stopped definitely from show all channels for reasons that still remains unknown. Yersterday i called one of your consultant at 9.45Pm and after explaining my complains she cut off my call without giving me lasting solution.

    My complain that i launched was that, sometimes back i visited Multichoice center at westland, and i paid one-off payment of Free to Air amount Totaling Ksh:3600.00 and i was given a certificate i.e back 2015. I was assured i will Never pay any amount to the rest of my life watching Free to air.

    So its to my surprise i have been not subscribing to any bouquet until recently when message popped on my Tv screen showing that World cup and other offers has ended on 1st-09-2018 and error E-16 displayed.

    Kindly find out and inform to me what has transpired and i need immediate solution.

    My mobile No:0725593082

  24. Very much bitter about thing called gotv… Every time you make a payment they don’t activate your account unless you contact them…and in return you are being asked silly questions… ie your mobile number..

  25. For months now I have been paying for gotv plus which was 699 and now 749,reasons I don’t know because I can’t see any changes,so my question is,previously Sony max amongst other channels are not showing what could b the problem

  26. Hi whats happening with gotv, are they thieves, why pay for something that doesnt appear on my screen, have paid for gotv plus but i cnt watch any supersports channel.plz help me before i take this thing to coart, my iuc number is 4624068166

    • ensure your signal strength is above 80%
      remember gotv has transmission sites so its important to ensure that you align your antenna towards the respective transmission sites
      thirdly,ensure that the cable that runs from the antenna to the decorder is tightly fixed just to ensure there is no hindrance in terms of flow.

  27. morning, i paid 470/= my Go tv value package yesterday evening till now my decoder is yet to activate the channels. kindly activate.

  28. This Gotv thing is a scrap..Why charge a lot of money since there are FTA at a lower price of even 1k…Am going for it now…NO more Gotv….

  29. Am new in gotv but am so sorry to you poor people if this is what goTv behaves. wish am somewhere else.
    why doesn’t goTv respond on this platform? if at all they are serious with clients then they need to style up or else I detour.
    It can be done, play your part.

  30. gotv has become cumbersome to an extent that we can’t pay it no more this issue of quarterly subscription you have played us until now we have gone for bamba and star times please understand your clients despite your channels you offer to us

  31. Comment:I fail to understand y everybody quarrel on ur services please do something bure tunahama soon

  32. Why r u promising pple that you will upgrade gotv value to gotv plus.i paid and no change.u said it’s within 48hrs n nw it’s 3days sincere to your customers.

  33. My GoTv is not showing all the channels, as at today morning. They are missing yet was alright yesterday night. Is there a problem?

  34. thanks gotv customer customer care 4 responding to my problem imediatly as for me i give 5tars

  35. Gotv is not the best nowadays. Very boring channels, error messages and channels that don’t work in that package

  36. How much does it cost for a first time Gotv purchase…as in when buying the decoder and the antenna?

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