Guide: Digital Insurance Certificate in Kenya 2020

In March 2019, The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) developed a virtual motor insurance certificate to curb insurance-related fraud in the industry.

This comes at a time when Kenya is introducing digital driving licenses to its citizens.

In this explainer, we try to unravel what this Virtual Motor Insurance certificate is all about. Read on to find out.

Virtual Motor Insurance Certificate Guide

What is a Virtual Motor Insurance Certificate?

It is a motor insurance certificate that is issued to customers via digital channels such as e-mail

How is it different from the current one?

The details & colour in the virtual certificate and the hard copy certificate are the same. The only differences are the type of paper, the printing process and how it gets to the customer. The virtual certificate is more convenient for the customer as you can get it anywhere.

Does it change the motor insurance process or cost?

The motor insurance process does not change. The cost of motor insurance (premium) will also not change.

Should the virtual certificate be displayed?

Yes. The law requires that the insurance certificate is displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle.

Must it be printed in colour?


How do I check that it is genuine?

Dial *352# and follow the process as guided.

The platform will provide information on the insuring company; the vehicle details; start and end date of the insurance; and the status, whether valid or invalid.

You can also download the AKI Verification APP and enter the details through the App.

What do I do once I sell a vehicle?

You will contact your insurance company to cancel the insurance. The new vehicle owner cannot be issued with a certificate until the previous owner cancels it.

Why has the certificate changed?

The virtual certificate is convenient for the customer. It also helps curb fraud and fake certificates since customers will be able to check their insurance details.
Digital Motor Insurance Certificate in Kenya
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