Guided Tour To Amboseli National Park in Kenya

We are finally in December after a whole year of waiting for the festivities. This is a month that comes with a distinct style of fun and luxury.

That being the case, what better way is there to spend the last days of the year than being in Amboseli National Park.

This is one of the most renowned parks in Kenya where nature meets all your expectations and surpasses them.

Being one of the most popular parks in Kenya and the world, Amboseli makes a very subtle yet fulfilling getaway destination.

Here you get to experience some of the most epic sceneries as well as interact with different animals. Amboseli is famous for its monstrous elephants that stroll the dusty park in search of pasture and water.

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Amboseli national park, sit on the foothills of Africas highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro towering over 5, 895m (19, 340 ft).

The view of Mt Kilimanjaro from Amboseli is just breathtaking on the horizon above the snow cap of the mountain is a display of clear blue disappearing sky and the evening sunset is just spectacular.

Amboseli National park Ecology

Most of the park is covered by savannah grassland, acacia scrub and extensive swamps constantly fed by springs and underground rivers emanating from the melting snow-capped mountain.

Amboseli national Park

The abundant supply of water and green vegetation attracts, herds of the Big mammals in search of food.

Amboseli national park is primarily Elephant country; here you will encounter, herds of elephant basking in the evening sun or playing in the water swamps.

Herbivores in Amboseli National Park

There is also a wide variety of other herbivores hanging around this beautiful grassland, including the Maasai giraffe and buffalo, zebra, eland, white-bearded Gnu, waterbuck, gazelles, and impalas.

On top of the above, the rare Black rhinos might be seen although occasionally. Also, some smaller animals like the black-faced vervet monkey and yellow baboon, and black-backed jackals, can be seen enjoying the warm weather.

Predators in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park, also plays host to the African lions plus other big cats. Some of them include Cheetahs, Leopards lions, and hyenas.

These predators follow the other animal looking for an easy catch. This also welcomes other animals of prey.

They include up to six species of vultures, the Taita falcon, and the Southern branded Harrier eagle. These birds scour the jungle looking for animal remains to predate on.

The swamps and lakes attract a wide variety of bird life; plus the hippos are known to enjoy the waters too.

If you are planning a safari in Kenya, Amboseli park should definitely be one to consider. From the wide variety of wildlife; the scenery provides one of the best backgrounds for photography.

If you take a hot air balloon safari in the early morning or in the evening, the experience is one to remember.

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