8 Stunning Hotels With Rooftop Pools in Nairobi

In this article, we are going to look at the top stunning hotels with rooftop swimming pools in Nairobi.

It will direct you to the best hotel when and if you want to have a refreshing experience at the rooftop swimming pool. What’s more stunning than being able to enjoy a swim as you have unobstructed views of the Nairobi skyline?

List of hotels with rooftop pools in Nairobi

Nairobi city is well known for many things. On top of the list is having the best coffee shops where the city dwellers visit after work for a relaxing cup of coffee. However, there is an uprising of high-end swimming pools which are redefining the art of relaxation. Since not many people know about them, this article if here to enlighten you about the best hotels with rooftop swimming pools.

These are the hotels with rooftop pools in Nairobi, enjoy the article:

1. Magna Hotel & Suites Gigiri

This hotel is located only 200m from the Village Market, one of the most vibrant shopping malls in Nairobi. At Magna, the rooftop swimming pool is available all year long. This hotel is best suited for professionals who would like to stay there. As a result of the proximity to the US embassy and UN offices.

They have a rooftop bar as well, and you could sip your chilled drink as you take a dip. As the rooftop pool is preheated, you do not have to worry about the weather conditions.

Rooftop pool

2. Trade Mark Hotel

The Trade Mark hotel is located along Limuru road near the Village Market shopping mall. Offering the best views of the mall and the surrounding neighbourhood, the rooftop pool provides one the ultimate relaxing environment to cool off. On top of this, one can eat from their restaurant that offers delicious meals.

In Nairobi, the trade Mark hotel is ranked among the top best restaurants to try out. Head out there when and if you need some time out of your regular schedule to relax and have fun.


3. Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi

Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi is situated just a few meters from Kenyatta International Convention centre. As a result, it is well known as the best place for a business traveller to reside in.

Its the rooftop pool is an added advantage that enables its clients to relax and have fun as they enjoy looking at the Nairobi skyline. Moreover, the rooftop swimming pool is heated, allowing one to go out swimming even after dinner.

You could also take your family out for a weekend outing and a swim as well. Enjoy the best deals made suitably only for you!

Intercontinental Hotel – Rooftop Pool

4. Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi Hotel

Another hotel in Nairobi offering a heated rooftop swimming pool. This hotel is only located 10 minutes drive away from Jomo Kenyatta International airport Nairobi. As a result, this hotel is suitable for the traveller who would like to reside close enough to the airport.

Unlike other restaurants listed above, Four Points by Sheraton hotel serves the best Indian Cuisine to its customers. On top of offering their clients the ultimate rooftop swimming pool experience and delicious cuisines, this hotel also has an in-house spa.

One could check-in, head out to the spa and finish up by swimming in the rooftop swimming pool. Making it the best dream hotel to reside in a while visiting Kenya.

5. Sarabi Rooftop pool at Sankara Hotel

This is the best rooftop pool as it offers you enchanting views of the Nairobi Skyline. If you have not yet found the perfect place to take your Valentine date, then the Sarabi rooftop pool provides an intimate and romantic space to feel appreciated.

Enjoy revitalizing cuisines from the Sankara Hotel as you take in views of Westlands. Moreover, the Sarabi rooftop bar has specialists award-winning mixologists who will ensure that your cocktail is balanced and tasty.


6. Cloud 9 Rooftop Pool

Cloud 9 rooftop pool is found at clarence hotel. It is way famous for this rooftop swimming pool. However, it may not be the best rooftop restaurant when you want to dine with them.

Reviews on travel start are quite mixed with some customers having had an enjoyable experience and others having worse experience. The good news is that it is entirely private, as you will not find many people there.

7. Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel

Villa Rosa Kempiski hotel is a hotel for the elite in Nairobi. It has a preheated rooftop pool for its guests to unwind and relax.

This pool is the topmost stunning swimming pool in Nairobi today. The Villa Rosa Kempiski Hotel is located in Westlands, Nairobi. On any given day, there are not many people here. As a result, one has more than enough space to relax and clear up their mind.

Even though they do not have a bar by the pool, one can order food and drinks to be delivered at the swimming pool area.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Rooftop pool

8. Ole Sereni Rooftop Pool

Ole Sereni Hotel is found overlooking the Nairobi National Park. The rooftop pool area faces a waterhole where animals come to drink water. As a result, there is a chance of swimming as you watch elephants, giraffes and gazelles come to drink water.

The Serenity of where this hotel is found makes Ole Sereni pool to be the most stunning rooftop pool in Nairobi. Get to experience the calmness and tranquillity that can only be found in the wild.

Rooftop pool Near Ole Sereni
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