How Saving Kshs. 200 weekly made me a landowner in Ngong

Guest Contribution from Username Investment Limited

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Raf'ael is an influencer on matters Kenya and digital. Living in Nairobi Kenya, he likes coffee when it is cold.

I am an ardent radio listener; my daily work as a Boda Boda rider, allows me to switch stations as I wait for my clients at Westlands Stage.

One morning, back in 2017, I heard of a land Company advertising land for sale in Ngong. I never gave a keen ear to that, reason being, my incomes are inconsistent.

However, I was still glad that I was able to save Ksh 200 consistently per week in our bodaboda Chama. I went on with my errands of the day and later in the evening. I saw an advert for plots for sale in Ngong.

This time around, I decided to take a keen look as the details were similar to what I heard on the radio. Surprisingly, the plots were selling for Ksh 349,000; to me, this was too good to be a real deal in Nairobi.

I mean, who sells land in Ngong for Ksh 300,000? If the advert had mentioned over 1 Million that would be okay because that’s how prices of property around Nairobi sell anyway.

The adverts continued, and I decided to test my curiosity, having learned that the Company had an office in Westlands, I decided to give them an impromptu visit in between my schedules.

When I got to the office, maybe the Front Office Executive thought I was there to do delivery because indeed I was on my full protective gear. Little did she know I had come to verify about Ngong plots selling at an affordable price to me.

To my surprise, they had several completed projects in Ngong, and the plots were selling with as low as Ksh 249,000, the current project selling at Ksh 349,000 was the highest price they had offered.

I booked a site visit with them on Wednesday and informed my fellow Boda Boda Chama members about this deal, a number of them were hesitant.

But few agreed, and we went for a site visit as we had been advised to view the plots first. True to the word the plots were in a great location, gated and in a place, one would want to settle. We then selected our preferred individual plots.

When we went back to work later in the day, we had to consolidate our savings and book the plots.

We chose a three months’ repayment period because we knew this would favour our unpredictable incomes. Unfortunately, we were unable to.

Therefore, we requested an extension of 6 months. To our surprise, they agreed, and I was able to clear. I also received my title deed at no extra cost.

Username Investments has come to the level of a low-income earner and made land ownership possible. This is a dream come true for a Boda Boda operator.

Having invested as Chama in real estate, below are a few things that I learned;

1. Make use of your Chama

If I decided to invest alone without the help of the Chama, it would not have been achievable. Saving in a Chama has enabled my property with the savings.

2. Focus on one achievable goal and do not be over ambitious

As an individual, do not combine so many activities that will take your resources and make you unable to achieve at least one. I decided to focus on purchasing land.

3. Do not be distracted by a few Chama’s members who won’t cooperate

It will not be possible to have all Chama members agree to an idea, however good the idea might be. What you can do it implement a plan that you have tested and the majority of the members agree with it.

4. Contact a genuine Company. You have worked so hard for your money to lose it anyhow

Real estate investment requires you to invest with a legit Company so that your investment is secure. You can visit their physical offices and go for site visits so that you view the property you would to invest in.

To many Ksh 200 cannot make a homeownership dream a reality. But still, to Jared Obara and his group, this amount has made him own a property in Ngong.

One of the most potential areas in Nairobi due to proximity to CBD and new infrastructure being built (Dualing of Ngong road, SGR, and the new Tarmac from Ngong – Kimuka to Maimahiu).



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