How to be found on Google

How to be found on Google – Some valuable tips for your brand to appear in Google searches

Being able to appear on the first pages of Google is crucial to the performance of a company on the Internet, and so it must be one of the priorities for those who want to launch an online business, or simply use the Internet to publicize their company, services or products.

When it comes to being found on Google, in technical terms, we are actually in search marketing , one of the digital marketing specialties fastest growing in the world, precisely because it is one of the highest return online marketing tools.

Understanding the search marketing

The search marketing is a set of techniques that aim to put the pages of a site in the best placements in the pages of responses of search engines, like Google. Bing etc This set of techniques is divided into two distinct dimensions:

  • Search marketing techniques we paid – In this category we have the techniques used in the creation and placement of sponsored links like Google AdWods, the paid ads on Google.
  • Organic search marketing techniques – In the category of organic search, the techniques are applied to the site structure your pages and relationships with other pages in what is known as SEO, short for search engine optimization.

The two options when well crafted, will make the pages of your website or online store appear in prominent positions in Google answers pages, but each of them has a right time to apply and present different conversion rates .

How to be found on Google by paying for it

Google Ad words  is a Google service for which you pay to have links to your site listed in Google answers pages when you enter some specific words. These links appear at the top and on the right side of the page.If you want to know how to be found on Google and you are willing to pay for it, every time someone clicks on the link that appears in the answers page, this paths are the sponsored links .

The price to have your link listed in these areas varies depending on the competition for these words. The value ends up being determined by a real auction that occurs between companies who wish to see their links activated when the word is typed.

The problem with this strategy is that it has a cost for each click that is given on your link and the number of people who click on these links is much lower than that of people who click on organic results. On the other hand, this strategy has the advantage of providing immediate results.

This is a very appropriate strategy for dissemination of virtual stores and newly launched sites, or sites that are having trouble getting good placement in organic search area.

How to be found on Google without paying for it

The only expense you will have with this strategy will be to hire a SEO consultant or training of employees at a good SEO course .If you want to know how to be found on Google, but do not want to have to pay for each click on your links given, the path is the use SEO – Search Engine Optimization .

To appear in the first positions of organic search Google your site must undergo an optimization work, which involves the application of some SEO techniques on the structure of the site, the pages that compose it and also gain quality links coming from other sites. It gives a little more work, but it is the best way to publicize a company on the Internet .

The great advantage of this strategy is that it does not generate costs for exhibition or for clicks data when the links appear in Google answers pages. Furthermore, the number of people who click these results is much greater than that paid for click results. Result: More access and consequently more business opportunities.

The only problem with this alternative is that the time for it begins to take effect. Depending on the keyword being worked, the results may take two to three months to begin to appear.

Watch out for traps

Search marketing is a serious business, but unfortunately there are several traps/trips around it. If you are hiring a company or professional to put you highlighted on Google, please check your previous work and its results.Talk to customers such company to know about the results.

Another important thing is the demand of the results. I’m not just talking about being or not showing up in Google, copper by reports showing clearly what is the return you are having the service. Forget the story of basic SEO or sponsored links just to make your brand known. Search marketing needs to deliver results. The rest is hit.

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