How to build Low Cost House In Kenya

In this article, we will look at how to build a low-cost house in Kenya. Majorly we will identify the key things to keep in mind if we want to keep our costs minimal.

Most of us, if not all of us dream of owning a home someday. For some of us who love planning, it is about time that we started researching ways of building cheaply. In Kenya, it is becoming exceedingly expensive to buy a ready-built house.

As a result of this, I have a chance to talk with various architects on how to minimize building costs, and here is what they had to say.

Tips for building a low-cost house in Kenya

  1. simplicity is the hallmark or cost-efficiency

It is okay to want to design your homes like Beyonce’s or Angelina Jolie’s house, but this all is possible when you have all the money in the world for it. If you are trying to save on building costs, choose a more straightforward design.

If and when you start exploring unusual architectural designs, building costs will soar. Therefore, a more straightforward designed house should be your best bet when trying to build a low-cost apartment in Kenya.

2. Buy an already surveyed and bounded plot and if possible easily accessible

If you get a scheme like this, you will not have to incur any surveyors’ cost or even costs incurred while clearing a plot of land to build. All you have to do is buy a piece of land and start building.

3. Consider new building technology

There is a lot of technological advancements in the construction area of late. All these changes are meant to cut down building costs by at least 30%. For instance, Prefab slabs are being used to reduce both construction time and money.

If you stick to the old ways of construction, you are meant to spend more.

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4. The size of the house

If you are only able to afford to build a two-bedroom home at first, start with it early, and then you can expand later. I’m sure you have seen people start making a five-bedroom house only to leave it in the middle. Start small and then with time, when you get the money to, you can expand.

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5. Hire Professionals

Most of us like cutting corners and costs by hiring unqualified people. Most times, these people end up making careless mistakes which cost us a lot. Instead of incurring extra expenses because of a job not done well, why not engage the best at first and have them do the right thing for the first time?

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6. Budget

Make sure that the professionals you hire understand the budget you have to build your house. Building a low-cost house means that you have to stick to the budget as much as possible.

Labour costs are one area you are meant to spend a lot on. If you can minimize them, then you will be able to minimize the building costs.

7. Buy the building materials yourself

If you have decided to build instead of buy, then you have to be invested in this process. I had seen people complain about how their contractors conned them when it came to purchasing construction materials.

Buy the building materials yourself and oversee their transportation to your construction site to avoid this.

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8. If possible, hire someone to oversee this construction

Most of the time, a lot of resources are wasted when you deal with dishonest workers. If you can afford it, hire someone to oversee the whole exercise as this will keep everyone grounded.

Conclusion on how to build a low-cost house in Kenya

The tips shared above are some of the ways you could minimize your building costs. Please share with me any suggestions that I may have left out.

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