How To Improve Your Sales By Training Your Employees

No matter what business you own, the goal will always be to sell and profit. However, your sales team can either be a strong point or weak point of your company.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your front-line sales, consider the possibility that your employees do not have the resources needed to reach their full potential.

Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive ways to train employees without wasting time and productivity. To understand, let’s stick to the three topics:

  • The most effective method of training.
  • The benefits of using distance learning.
  • How to improve your sales.

Effective Method of Training

Hardly do companies empower their employees and, for the most part, it is due to little knowledge of costs and benefits. Here we list the main reasons for the effectiveness of e-learning in relation to classroom training model:

Traditional Learning model

 Over 70% of companies cite the “GAP’s training” as one of its five major institutional challenges.

  The impact of a dysfunctional team can negatively affect productivity and quality of the company at 76%.

  25% of employees leave jobs because there are no opportunities for learning, training, development and training skills ..

  Up to 85% of classroom training have a negative ROI.

 Unless there is a robust building program, most students will probably forget 80% of the material learned within 90-120 days after training.

E-learning Model

  Knowledge is within the reach of employees, when they need it, shrinking the gap time for seeking information.

  The teaching model the distance with online videos increases the rates of student attention retention by up to 60%.

  Compared to classroom training, students of e-learning has a learning curve 60% faster.

 Transmission of training material data is 5 times higher than the traditional means and the time taken for absorption is three times smaller.

  Companies that use distance education to strengthen the company’s positions and views have 26% more revenue generated per employee.

Benefits of Using Distance Learning

I have mentioned the benefits of Learning Online and we will take another look at the benefits of using distance learning in an overview here:

  E-learning saves for business at least 50% more resources when used in place of a classroom.

  There is a decrease in instruction time by up to 60%.

•  Companies save 90% more energy than traditional courses.

  It is proved that every £ 1 spent on e-learning, US $ 30 are earned in productivity.

•  It provides an increase of 18% in the engagement of employees.

 72% of companies that use distance education believe they are providing employees a competitive advantage by continuing increasing retention and reducing turnover.

Bearing in mind how distance learning can benefit your business, it’s time to learn how we can use it to maximize sales. Come on?

How to Improve your Sales

First of all, understand that your employees will not sell more if they do not know your product or service as the palm of their hand. Unfortunately, many employees are bound to skip their training.

As a business owner, your responsibility is to provide training opportunities for products and services for your employees.

Take the time to sit down with your team and go through the features, benefits and other aspects of the product or service that you will offer. This way they can have the information they need to leverage a sale.

Sales training

In addition to knowing about the products and services, employees also need to have some general skills to make a sale.

This includes having a good interpersonal communication. Your Sales employees must know how to approach a potential customer courteously and how to treat them with respect.

Also, make sure your team knows how to respond to common questions about your products and / or services accurately and succinctly. If you do not know the answer, train them!

Finally, a great sales representative must be able to communicate well not only personally, but over the phone, skype, email, etc.

Sales Operations

You can not expect your sales team be successful if it is not in tune with your client. A tip we offer is to use the mantra “Be always helpful and attentive.”

Look for information about your customers before you get to them. Search online, Facebook, Twitter and also offers easier way of information about their products and services. A corporate portal with institutional and instructional videos on product can help you leverage your sales.

By providing training, training in products and new skills for your sales team, you will be on the road to greater profitability.

Customers who are very knowledgeable about a company, its internal culture and how your relationships flow, the propensity of closing deals is much higher. Have you an information channel between the client and facilitated sales team?

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